He Forgot to Take the Male Lead’s Script [Quick Transmigration]


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The Human Resources Department of the Heavenly Dao Headquarters discovered a new member just born in the depths of the universe.

Originally, they planned to give him the script for the male lead to the reincarnation world, to learn and improve his skills. However, in a state of confusion, the new member entered the small world without taking the script and with amnesia.

In his daily life, every time the male lead opened his eyes, he would suspect that he had a chuunibyou illness, because subconsciously, he felt out of place in the world.

Due to the male lead not taking the script, the original plot would be briefly revived at the end of each of his lives, but it was futile. In the next world, he would continue to lose his memory, and the male lead would always insist on taking the script for the passerby A.


1. The male lead doesn’t know his origins and his abilities awaken randomly. The whole story is down-to-earth and heartwarming with slice-of-life flavor. Regardless of how the female lead appears on the outside, her heart is kind and gentle.

2. The emotions will develop naturally and may turn into a slow burn. Each world is a new life for the male lead, and the female lead is the only one who… [sorry, no spoilers😉].

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