Genius of the Dark Magus Family


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Becoming a member of the hero’s party, I suffered and eventually met my end.

“Please, let my next life be as the son of some wealthy family…”


When I came to my senses, I had become the young master of an immensely wealthy family.

Christian Van Balran Kazar.

The notorious madman from the Dark Magus family of the Magic Empire.

“What on earth is this?!”

It had been just over two years since Chris faced his miserable end.
But now, he had to prevent the world from falling into ruin, even if it took more than two years.
There was only one way to survive and enjoy prosperity.

Seize control of the Dark Magus Family, his own family, and become the Demon King himself.
It was a dreadful situation, but worth a try.


“Because I’m a genius!”

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Genius of the Villain family
암흑명가 천재 망나니가 되었다
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April 28, 2024
Status: c13
Well, the story quite middle ground imo..

MC the most 'talented' person ever live, with his talent he could learn any technique in short time, with many titles under his belt, he then enter the hero's party and quickly became indispensable part of it with his various skill, even magic and martial arts, and even using the hero technique he "glances" few times and modify it to suit himself....

TLDR from that the world close to end and the other members thought maybe it would be different if the MC learn magic... more>> and martial arts earlier...

Then ta-da! MC got regressed but into the body of the tr*shy son of a noble, with his previous self skill intact. Its the usual genre (nowadays)..

The dialogue of the characters sometimes feels 'off' imho, some parts just don't quite fit or there are bit context missing when they talk session goes a bit longer, idk what that was but maybe its just me. Plus the 'I'm a genius' repeating every now and then is a bit annoying, we know he is, no need to always repeat that line with a smug expression, but ig its normal cause its 'Shonen' tag so its closer to childish-ish dialogue.

Quite interesting story if you want to read it while waiting other novels to update.

Too short to gives stars atm, I would give it 2.5-3 stars for now but it still early to judge and put a vote in (chapter 13 at the time this review posted). <<less
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