For the Musical Genius


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Throughout my life, I had selfishly pursued my own goals, only to find in the end that I was left with nothing.

But the day I decided to act for the sake of others, a new chapter began to unfold in my life.

“Hyeona, do you know how to play the violin?” my grandfather asked in a very affectionate voice. His eyes filled with anticipation. There I stood with a violin in hand, amidst a gathering of the heirs of the wealthy chaebols.

Whether by fate or chance, I raised the bow and placed it upon the strings.

And it was at that moment when the winter movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons came to life.

As I played the violin, the audience erupted in cheers and experienced a sense of awe from my performance.

This is the story of a young maestro who would move the world around him.

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음악천재를 위하여
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