Fairy Tale of the Strategist from Another World


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“You were summoned but not to live on this world!!”

One day, Daichi Kou, a jack of all trades was led by a mysterious voice when he suddenly ends up reincarnated on an another world. Somehow, he began to work at the royal palace as a gardener, comfortably living with the clumsy maid Tear and the beautiful guard Kirika. And a little girl proclaiming herself as a goddess said:

“You’re the messiah that will save our world!”….!?

Associated Names
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Ikai no Gunshi no Fairy Tale
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06/30/17 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c4 part1
01/20/17 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c3 part3
12/26/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c3 part2
12/10/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c3 part1
11/02/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1 intermission
10/31/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c2
10/27/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c1
10/05/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c1 part4
04/05/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c1 part3
04/03/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c1 part2
03/27/16 Sauri’s TL Blog v1c1 part1
12/26/15 Sauri’s TL Blog v1 prologue
12/25/15 Sauri’s TL Blog v1 illustrations
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xtostos rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c1
I have only (managed to force myself to) read the first chapter, so take this review with a grain of salt and hopes for the future. Overall, this story is weak. In it's truest sense, really. Basically, the whole thing gives you the impression that it wasn't thought through even once. It's like a first draft of an ideas list: you can identify the small archs in the story telling but they are so incredibly shallow and contentless that overall it's just plain unsatisfying.

I'll give one example: plot point ->... more>> the food is bad; explanation -> world has magic and thus never, in it's entire history, ever figured out how to make anything that is in some form tasty -> protagonist beats eggs -> all the maids in the castle instantly realize he is starting a sweets/foodstuff revolution -> revolution successfully initiated by making a single cake. Like, literally, that's how rushed and nonsensical all the plot points are. No actual context given, no explanation how this society ever even survived before figuring out how to make non-delicious food using magic, or why the ingredients themselves can be good but the result (which, literally, is just throwing those ingredients together) can still be bad enough to warrant such enourmous dissatisfaction from the protag. It's stated they don't even have the tools for cooking - but apparently he himself did use Something to do the first ever cooking in history, eh. And it doesn't simply extend to material things like food or knowledge about preparing food, but also more abstract things like why he feels alienated from other people and why yelling would make a goddess obey you. Fundamentally, it does not appear that the author actually thought things through even once, but simply collected a few short ideas. Those ideas aren't bad, there's simply nothing to them. <<less
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