Evil Leader Next Door!


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A silver-haired beauty next door to me!? Everyday comedy spent with a former evil boss!

The private life of Kusama Midori, known as Banshoku Green the green member of the Rainbow Sentai Banshokuger, who defeats the monsters all over the city, was rough. During the day, he worked as a part-time high school teacher (world history). After school, he wore his green battle suit and spent his days exhausted, battling strange creatures with overtime guaranteed, unable to even receive the figures he ordered every day.

Next door to Midori’s room, a silver-haired sexy foreign lady named Kuri Ashella, and her daughter, Taratat, moved in!? Encounters on the way home, chance meetings at the supermarket, and being cared for when exhausted and collapsed on the sofa, the dreamy life next door with the beautiful mother and daughter begins… or so he thought. However, their true identities were none other than the archenemies of Midori and the others, former evil leaders of the enemy organizations!?

Associated Names
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Evil Leader Next Door! (LN)
Neighbor is big executive of an evil organization
The evil boss next door!
Tonarino Akuno Daikan'bu!
Tonari no aku no ōkanbu!
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05/16/24 gadgetized panda... v1c3 part1
05/09/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2.5
05/02/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part5
04/24/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part4
04/17/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part3
04/10/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part2
04/03/24 gadgetized panda... v1c2 part1
03/27/24 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part4
03/20/24 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part3
03/19/24 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part2
03/18/24 gadgetized panda... v1c1 part1
03/17/24 gadgetized panda... v1 prologue
03/17/24 gadgetized panda... v1 illustrations
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