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The stars are shining, and we share our glory.

Exiled Third Prince Alfred × Crown Prince Xiu

As the Third Prince of the Star Empire, Alfred is the strongest genetically gifted person in the Empire, having inherited the golden eyes of the legendary Founding Emperor.

But in his heart, the brother who raised him to be a man, the flawless Crown Prince of the Empire, the one who is the “Glory of the Empire,” is the one everyone should believe in and follow. He is the one everyone should believe in and follow, including himself.
But just as he’s about to come of age, Xiu himself frames him for a crime, and he tells him not to trust anyone.

Stripped of his title and exiled to a frontier planet, Alfred vows revenge.

Two years of plotting and planning are about to come to fruition. He will be able to redeem his honor and take everything from Xiu. His command of the army, his honor, his popularity, and even his position as crown prince.
But when Xiu comes to him, he can’t stop himself from hanging around. And in the face of Xiu’s rare display of weakness, all he could think was–
His vulnerability and helplessness should be his trophy.

The secrets he hides are the very reason he can have him.

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BambooTriangle rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I've read 同光 a while back, and I loved it! There are some misunderstands between main characters, but they're both very dear to each other.

Plotwise, it's not too overwhelming, and I really liked the quibble between protagonists. It's science fiction but there are fantasy elements (such as the MCs golden eyes)

Alfred is the



and eldest prince the



this novel contains

mpreg! And the babies are very cute

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