Ephemeral Ability Reflects the Heart


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At the end of the past century, the modern world has undergone a revolution due to the sudden discovery of a new ability.

Izumi Chihiro, a boy who attends a school for gifted students, is bullied by his classmates because of his ability to read minds.

But one day, a new student arrives and changes his life forever.

「You can be strong」

The mysterious and beautiful girl tells Chihiro that she can make him strong, and asks him to be her master.

The story is about a boy who has fallen into the darkness in search of power and peace, and r*pes and ens*aves girls.

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Hakanaki Inou wa Kokoro o Utsusu
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Eternal Emperor
New Eternal Emperor rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c44.2
This is a fun read if you’re looking for an R-18 read with battle elements and a fairly coherent plot structure... The relationship between the MC and the female characters can’t be classified as a natural progression by any means, but it doesn’t violate my sense of aesthetic enough to bother me.

His third ability to amplify other’s emotions towards him could potentially explain the unnatural progression in depth of emotions that the female characters develop towards him... But again that ability’s effects aren’t properly explained, nor is it very evident... more>> whether the MC can actively control which emotions are amplified. He doesn’t seem to utilise it enough and doesn’t harbour much doubt towards the genuinity of his bonds... Which is fairly eerie to me, but probably wouldn’t bother most people.

I wonder whether it’s titled Ephemeral Ability reflects the Heart because his abilities can change shape or that he’s prone to losing it...

It’s a worthwhile read overall. <<less
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New Bolovis rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c20
I have waited to write about this one, to read some more chapters and get what the tags were about. So, it is bad. Once again the plot revolves around the shunned kid that gets the power by means of interior rage and goes around and r*pes the girl that bullied him, then she turns into his s*ave lover because yeah.

To explain it simply as his power is mind-reading, people do not like the presence of the MC, it is obvious why. And for that reason, he is treated badly... more>> by all, with one girl especially going out of her way to torment the dude. But then a special overpower girl comes to the school and says to him something along the lines of "I can make you powerful and so you can get revenge". The idea is that she is the supreme pervert (and) masochist with the perfect build to be broken (?) and wants someone who can understand it (so she needs a mindreader??) so she can vent it all and do not end up in the ultra self-destruction path of a pervert (I really do not know if this is all, but that is what I get from what she says). So as she knows the MC is shunned and has a "dark side" inside, she says to him "be my master and I will help you be better", and as he really has darkness he says ok, albeit reluctantly. After some hard sex, he finally develops more power and starts his vengeance against the girl who especially tormented him and finally gets some confidence that he lacked.

Let us say that if this was the overall point, excluding the r*pe, I would kind of get it and be on board. The MC is treated poorly, in an instance one classmate tells the other to avoid him as he has "that power" and does not even try to hide (to the point that she says it in his face and asks him if it is wrong). And the bully girl that treats him bad does some pretty f*cked up things to him (that I guess was to justify the r*pe she gets later), and the justification of why her persecution aimed at him is crap, it makes sense, but sh*t dude, that was lame. And so after he gets almost killed and shamed (to death) he finally says enough and decides to enact his vengeance against her, with the help of his s*ave. So the old trope of breaking your female bully by raping and she being submissive to you the other day and developing feelings from his "good nature/taking care" is here. And it is dull, to say the least.

Vengeance was his right, after all, it was not really his fault and the bully has the shitiest of reasons for what she did. But a better method could have been made that does not involve r*pe. R*pe as torture is probably the worse of the mental and physical violence one can make. But in the end, it turns to love every time in those types of novels. It could be developed in a different way, the revenge obviously, and the satisfactory part of his evolution as a more confident person could be interesting (even if maintaining the first girl s*ave at his side), but then it would take time to have more girls in his harem so it is easy to go with r*pe and then intro to the harem as it is. So that is a miss as usual.

The point of the powers being developed by the user's mental status, that he can get powers if his desires are powerful enough (and even to his particular needs?), is interesting but raises some problems to me, as all characters could develop a special power and so what would be the limit. The author does not delve too deep into the s*x scenes, as he does not detail so much what goes where and how the characters moan every time in the extensive length of the s*x scene, and that is nice to me. And this concludes the acceptable points in this novel.

If you do not care about r*pe being the vengeance MO, read it. But know that it could be a more interesting novel if it was not a r*pe fantasy novel. (By the way, it looks like the MC will do some even more f*cked up things by what happened in chapter 20, and apparently without reason, so there is that to add the negative points if what I think will happens end up indeed happening) <<less
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Fluffums rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: --
Yeah... this is a tough one to review for me.

On the one hand, it's what the description says. On the other hand, it's a shounen-style superhero battle novel with romcom elements. On the other hand, there's a surprising amount of tension and mystery that makes the story interesting, while the setting gradually expands in scope as the protagonist gains more people he wants to protect.

And... I think each aspect is done pretty well. The "raping and enslaving" bit takes longer than one scene, doesn't always necessarily succeed, and also isn't... more>> necessarily perfect in terms of obedience. The battle scenes make full use of the characters' abilities in decent ways, though so far the battles have been sparring in school (or on the bed (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). The story hooks you from early on with various plot threads - there's the protagonist wanting to get stronger, the female lead's reason for choosing him, the reason he's being bullied and how he'll resolve that, a love triangle, etc. So far the setting has been predictable but not unreasonable, and writing seems to be pretty solid overall.

My main gripe is that I had to use three hands to describe the novel, and I only have two. The different elements don't mesh seamlessly even if individually they're pretty good. As of the second arc, I'd give it somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars. If it remains this good to the end, I'd round up to 5. <<less
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leo2740 rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: prologue
i think it has potential to become something good. Thanks for translating this kanna senapi. So far its good I read some raws his personality starts to develop so do not worry about that.
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