Emblem of the Incarnated Saint and the Dragon ~The Airheaded Goddess aims to be a top Adventurer~


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Mari, who loves games, loses consciousness in front of a PC after playing all night.
When she woke up, she was in a game-like fantasy world.
What’s more, she was the character inside of the game that she had always used.

Mari struggles over the mystery of the character called a saint.
Can she reach the answer?

A new adventure has just begun! ….. But the money I carry was zero, I’m penniless!

“I need at least 100G!” Mari was shedding tears.

A Warmly lighthearted Yuri otherworld world reincarnation fantasy, is now about to start!

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Saint Mari
Tensei Seijo to Ryuu no Emuburemu  ~Tennen Bokena Megamikan Wa Bōkensha no Chōten wo Mezasu~
The Reincarnated Saint and the Dragon's Emblem ~Airheaded Priestess Aims to be the Greatest Adventurer~
転生聖女と竜のエムブレム ~天然ボケな女神官は冒険者の頂点を目指す~
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03/27/20 yurikatrans c4
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02/14/20 yurikatrans c1
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