Elsword – Time Trouble


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Add (a Time Tracer) is trying to steal Eve (as a Code: Exotic)’s core for his own use but was found out by Eun. Much to his surprise, Eun offers Add help with stealing Eve’s core. Though there seem to be other reasons behind Eun’s support, Add still decides to let the fox help.

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엘소드 타임 트러블
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04/02/17 Babel v8c4-5 (end)
03/26/17 Babel v8c3
03/13/17 Babel v8c2
02/05/17 Babel v8c0-1
12/25/16 Babel v7c5
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12/22/16 Babel v7c3
12/08/16 Babel v7c2
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Jass rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: --
It's fanfiction. Officialized fanfiction. If you don't know jack sh*t about the MMORPG Elsword chances are you won't know what the hell is going on either. Plot starts out amiable, but later degenerates into a hot mess.

Read only if you know Elsword and like their ships.
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