Duke, Can I Bite You?


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I possessed the main character, Geoffrey’s beloved fox werebeast in a tragic novel, ‘Twist Your Neck While You’re Drunk’

“Even if it means destroying all four empires, I will surely make you fall in love with me.”

I just wanted to seduce Geoffrey, the villain, and hang onto him.

Because I didn’t want to die like the original.

I did it, but things are spiraling out of control?

The man who should’ve ignored her keeps giving her a soft gaze.

“Did I tell you not to run away from me?”

“If- if I say I’ll run away… … ?”

Geoffrey looked at Mio, who was trembling in fear, and whispered.

“Don’t make me lock you in a cage. Mio.”


This guy is crazier than I thought?

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공작님, 깨물어도 될까요
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Nekopapaws rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: Completed
My feeling with this novel is kinda mixed.

I was frustrated for 100ish chapters as both leads seemed to keep secrets too well and ML is always total jerk but FL fine with that. Nonetheless, in the end ML became as loyal as puppy and sweet as honey.. no, I feel like he just being h**ny possessive bastard.. 🫠

Anyway, the ending is ... more>>

happy for all characters (yes, mind you, all the good characters have their own happy end, not just our ML & FL)


There are many worldbuilding & backstory that I felt unrealistic by logic here and there but well, the author doesnt seem want to expand more about it. It's fine with me, as long as the story ends well.

Btw, FL is super weak, she get injured all the time but surprisingly no scars mentioned lol. This should be tagged weak protagonist..

My rating is 4, 3/5 <<less
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