Don’t Fall For Me


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Yue Qianling secretly admired Gu Xun for a long time, and finally confessed her feelings to him just before his graduation.

There were countless girls in the school who had a crush on Gu Xun, but he had a slight impression of Yue Qianling.

Facing her sincere confession, Gu Xun suppressed his impatience and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t like you, and I will never like you.”

It was raining heavily that day, even heavier than the day when Qi Gui was beaten to death. Yue Qianling returned to her dorm, logged into the game, and after angrily taking down 18 opponents, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

For once, her usually aloof, high-scoring teammate took the initiative to worry about her, “What’s wrong with you?”

Yue Qianling replied tearfully, “Buhoooo… I got dumped.”

Her teammate hesitated for a moment, then turned to his dormmates with a smile, “I’ll treat everyone to dinner tonight.”

Dormmate: “What’s the big occasion?”

Meanwhile, other game teammates were consoling Yue Qianling, “Who was the one blind enough to reject our little cutie?!”

Yue Qianling replied, “He’s the school’s grass, that one surnamed Gu… woowooo”

Gu Xun, who had just decided to treat everyone: “…?”

#My teammate, who I’m not allowed to love, got rejected by me?#

#Is there still hope for my online romance to become real?#

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Falling In Love (Drama)
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mshh rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Slice of life story where I felt embarrassed for the FL and her rosy vision of her crush despite obvious signs that ... more>>

he didn’t like her and barely acknowledged her existence.


It is a happy ending and the twist was funny however

initially the ML is too cold. He gotten only sweeter once he realized her game identity. While it is sweet that he fell in love with her through small things through gaming and not her face... the way he rejected her in person before knowing her identity was very mean to someone who gathered the courage to confess. That point said, the FL was really dense to confess and missed the signs of his dislikes. Of course she realized how s*upid her decision was after she woke up from the rosy tiny glasses. I felt she forgave him too easily.

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