Devil’s Music


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[Can the devil’s music bring happiness to the world?] From Jimmy Hendrix to Rachmaninoff, all the historical musicians who he meets in his dreams.

The devil that presents itself as a little boy in love with singing.

The devil’s blessing, given to such a tiny child.

In the blessings of many devils,

The boy’s song for the world begins.

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악마의 음악
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Valven rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: c9
Really have high hopes for this story and with the team translating this (Centinni) also translating "Player who returned 10, 000 years later", I'm certain it'll be amazing.

Music-esque novels from Korea, in general, are written in a way that makes sense. How can you hear something that is written? It's physically impossible, yet somehow, these authors from Korea does a great job with it. God's Song, Top Management, Genius of a Performing Arts High, God of Music and etc (novels known within "English translations") are evidence of this masterful eloquence... more>> and translations.

As for the story itself, it's interesting and gives a fresh take away from the modern korean music. <<less
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rarimae rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c9
I really like the story development with a fantasy setting involving demons that grant blessings to their chosen child which is the MC. They granted him looks, a talent for music, and brains in return Geon will collect holy power through music and make the people who would hear it happy.

The translator (s) of this novel is/are doing a great job. I hope that they will push through this story.
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April 21, 2021
Status: Completed
this is great and awesome story, the content is easy to understand. But it’s feel like a journey, there was none main antagonist. It’s just the journey of the man to become OP. I feel like he was extremely lucky, OP, doesn’t know hardship so sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

... more>>

he was extremely handsome even if he can’t sing he can just be a model. He can compose a song, sing every genre (pop, blues, rock, opera) , he can act in a opera theater. Oh f*ck I think maybe he is a son of the world because the world centered around him


well but that’s good story I like read it. The MC is too good-natured, not naive but.. Even when


korean company threatened him with scandal with one of the girlband member and exchange to collab his new album, he still forgive them. If it were me I will reveal the evidence that the k-company using his reputation to make scandal so the company will bankrupt. Basically in this arc, MC already high in the sky, every song or thing he creates will be on top charts

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MyRAMEN rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c4
The translation was pretty good and the story development is also well. The only problem I have with the story is the old timeline. The book starts out with the MC growing up in North Korea I think. Due to the war they evacuated south and got split with some of their family. Im not Korean so I dont know the history of the nation, but I remember the war started a couple decades ago so when I looked it up, its 1950 while NK became a nation at 1945.... more>> Another signifying thing of the timeline is that the mother constantly listens to Elvis and another singer, which is also a couple of decades ago. I dont mind a book in the past like this, but with the cover image showing a modern place and a modern hairstyle/clothing, I was totally expecting a modern world. Also the 60s/70s r too many years ago. Not only am I not Korean, but it was a couple of decades before I was born so I honestly dont know any famous people other than Elvis, not to mention songs ortm things in Korea. I ended up dropping this due to the timeline <<less
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