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In her previous life, Yu Tang’s family was ruined and she lost her loved ones. So in this life, she only wants to focus on helping her elder cousin rebuild their family business.

Pei Yan (with a cold and scornful look): she does nothing of use; only steals and flirts. Constantly appearing in front of me no matter where I go. Does she covet the position of the Pei family’s patriarchal wife so much?

Yu Tang (silently crying): No, this is a complete misunderstanding! When your family’s fleet of ships sail out to sea, I only wanted to join in and earn a little….

It turns out that what happened in my previous life wasn’t because the fates were tormenting me, but rather, a result of evil calculations and schemes. A tranquil and peaceful life; that’s real happiness. After my rebirth, I will love who I want to love, and safeguard my loved ones’ simple and peaceful happiness.

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9 Reviews

New Shortk
Sep 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Don't look at my rating; that's my personal opinion but I'll try to be as fair as I can in this review. Firstly, follow the translation at all cost unless you can read mandarin. Trust me, if you like this book, it's probably not worth it to read it on your own. Take these following words with a grain of salt bc I can't tell if this book is as long and as boring only bc I didn't follow the translation:

From chapter 1-100: it is fully translated and it is... more>> the best part of the novel. The pacing is on point; there is a sense of urgency. The mystery grips you. The MC is flawed, but aware and trying. The way they go about rebirth is dynamic as there is a real sense of the butterfly effect and a realistic take on the MC's personal abilities in accordance to her knowledge. The ML is a dynamic person who is filled with good and bad traits due to their misunderstandings and the writing's ability to write well rounded characters. The family / business is the main focus as they are supportive to the MC and help her with the mystery.

From roughly 100-200: delete this whole thing. .. Uh

the MC's family/ mystery etc? Gone. I believe the MC's cousin doesn't talk to her more than once during this whole period. The focus is on the ml's family and that gu girl as inferior competition/the only focus to her past life in this section. Pacing dropped off. I added the slice of life tag to try to justify why these chapters happened. Not to say they didn't have a purpose to some degree but they did not have to last this long. The business isn't even that prevalent. The MC's family barely gets lines. The ML is barely there even if we get scenes. This is focused on the foundations of their "love/marriage" but it's really nothing happening at all between them except misunderstandings have been cleared fully and it's just people looking outside in.


From 200-300:

miss xu saved this novel for me. Drink every time they say temple in this entire book. Politics come in stronger but although it's happening, we see no real action except for petty girl sh*t and it's all behind the lines as we get news updates on any circumstances. I believe this is why it's hard to immerse yourself bc no issues feel as urgent anymore as it's not in our faces anymore; It's just out there happening. The cousin and family are there for a second, but after a couple chapters it's just a temple conference and the two of them traveling to the city together. The conference is so f*cking long tho. It's here The MC vaguely confesses her past life as a dream to the ML - enough to help, but also vague enough to make her character seem dumb ngl imo as she never confesses to her past life. The pacing doesn't get better but the xu girl makes it bearable. However, the romance takes center stage. Enter left, the realization of feelings. From 250-300 the ML is starting to turn the ball to marriage. It's interesting how connected to temples and love this novel has been lol.


From 300-390:

again her whole family drops off of existence except for her marriage section but I can't remember if it happens here or in the late 200s. They're married now. It's relatively cute I guess but honestly the MC's smartness and business workings are so much less than when we started this novel. The focus is the capital, politics, and the ml's family secrets. They do go to another temple btw just to be consistent lol. I skimmed most of this until the end where we uncover how the ml's brother and father dies. How they deal with the grandson wasn't satisfying to me as the bloodthirsty person I am but maybe y'all moderates will enjoy it for it's realism. Bc I skimmed I will admit I still don't understand nor give a shot why peng killed her in her past life, but I understand why he tried to in this one. And honestly that's the last chapter. The author was trying to go full circle or something. It just falls flat to me though.


Extras: they are mostly in the pov of the gu girl for some ungodly reason. I honestly read this more closely than chapters 100-390. Only bc I loved reading about the cute babies and the xu girl friend again.

Overall, this book as too long for me. At some point, I believe if you make a book too long for its own good, it loses focus, pacing, and quality. Unfortunately thats the case here imo. This has a lot of good qualities in it's fleshed characters, but lacks in its plot and directions. If we're being honest, besides the romance and the first 100 chapters, the writing turns to a lot of "telling" over showing regarding most exciting points of conflicts. I would say other than the first 100 chapters, expect no more wacky family, business, and sense of urgency, and only expect slice of life in a wealthy high class family with a romance. <<less
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May 01, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like this novel. It begins at quite a slow pace, as it introduces the female MC, Yutang and her family situation. There isn't any inner family courtyard drama as she's the only child and her parents really love her a lot. Because she had such a protected childhood, she suffered a lot from the schemings and plots when she married. So when she had a second chance, she learnt how to be smarter and more assertive and stand up for herself. I like how she... more>> isn't OP. Even though she has knowledge of future events due to her previous life, sometimes things don't go as planned and she makes mistakes too. It's more realistic I feel. The male MC is my cup of tea too lol. He is the cold, silent type but with a soft heart - tsundere haha. The bickerings and interactions between them are really funny haha. The romance between them is really gradual and fits the plot well. It's a novel that you really have to read more before you really like it. So give it a try! :) EDIT: (added after completing this novel.)
I took pretty long before I completed reading this lol. Cos I wanted to savor this novel and not one-shot binge read it. My first thought after reading this was that cliche that couples always say "I married my best friend." And its really true. The love between Yutang and the ML is really gradual (over many years, from strangers to 'someone I dislike' to 'someone I tolerate' to 'friend' then to 'someone I want to protect/trust' to 'someone I love') It really shows the many facets of love and that ultimately both of them learn to accept and love each other - faults and all and trust them wholeheartedly to be on their side no matter what happens. 一身一世一双人 One love for a lifetime between two people. I'll definitely read the english translation as a refresher again haha. It's definitely a very sweet and beautiful novel. The side characters made me laugh a lot lol. XD <<less
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: c10
Have not finished reading this yet but I can't understand how someone can rate this novel ONE star on the first day this was up in novelupdates. Said so coz I stumbled upon this on the first few hours that it got uploaded here then added this in my list and upon checking this again it already has one star rating. Sure, everyone can rate this each to their own judgement but I personally think it's not fair to have it rated one star when there isn't even any reviews... more>> why. Went to read this through MTL and so far, so good. Nothing to complain except for the migraine inducing sentences which is entirely my fault for going the MTL route.

-end rant <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: c47
This novel is slow compared to other web novels, but it’s paced kind of like a normal novel you’d read from the library. The characters have personalities and we slowly get to know them, it’s not just a long list of relatives with vague archetypes attached.

The MC has a bit of foreknowledge but she’s really not clear on what happened during her first life, and that mystery is what drives the story. The mystery has gotten pretty interesting in recent chapters, I didn’t expect it to be this deep, but... more>> I like it.

And the MC’s willingness to work hard to change her family’s fate, all the things working against her, and the mistakes she makes, endears her to me. <<less
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Oct 20, 2021
Status: Completed
A gem 100% Mtl'd this about 60-70% readable couldn't understand all the conversations which is a pity because it's the good stuff 😭 and having gem status without seeing the nuances means you've really go to read this!!

Author really did great work! The whole novel was more of a mystery genre where the FL tried to unlock clues of why she died (but this is not the whole story lol). Author was great at making suspenseful moments and my brain had a fun time trying to solve them.

FL is fiesty... more>> while ML is your usual iceberg. But ofc he only thaws when she's involved, but I was pleasently surprised that author had a side story of how couple from different strata would work. And me being the realist, enjoyed this because stories are not supposed to be like Cinderella where a commoner fits into royalty (what about etiquette, social standing? Love alone can't bridge that gap lol).

This CN gave a refreshing take on how powerful families would operate under monarchies. The families here aren't the dukes or marquisses (I'm not sure if they existed in the period this author wrote in) but are scholars and merchants. How these families would play their moves was fun. ML kinda felt like Don Corleone? Lol And ofc the women circles were written aplenty too so that was fun.

It's really slow going! It's 400+ chaoters but if you're like me who likes the gradual growth of character and business (yep this got money making), you'd really enjoy this! 100% Gem!! <<less
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Jul 02, 2021
Status: --
i could tell this novel is interesting but the story is tooooo slow-paced for my liking including romance. I can say 4/10 of each chapter the dialogues are useless/pointless that's the reason why the story is long so I wanna drop this for the time being

oh yeah certain things were really infuriating, it was easy to piece certain information together to draw a conclusion but our MC cant even do that and from the beginning, her mind keeps drifting towards the ML for reliance/help when they don't know each other... more>> on a personal level yet which is annoying it makes me feel that she isnt strong/op and playing damsel in distress oh and another annoying thing is that she keeps complaining that everywhere she goes ppl talk abt the pei family but from my observation, she is the one who keeps asking abt them and thinking abt them lol <<less
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Jul 04, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is good up to about 75 chapters but in later parts, it has become very repetitive. MC wants to take revenge but keeps relying on ML for everything even tho they are not familiar at all. ML has to deal with her problems in addition to his own. MC is really useless and all the author emphasized was her beauty and pretty eyes that’s it.
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Jun 27, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel starts out great. I like MCs resourcefulness and ingenuity. She doesn't face the typical obstacle that is family drama. She is the only child and her parents love each other and put her first. Her family is harmonious and there is minimal family fighting. This means she can do a lot of things that other girls in this situation could not, like running a shop and doing business. The business aspect of it comes from ML. The romance is quite slow, and to be completely honest, I'm not... more>> sold on the romance. At one point, ML asks himself why he fell for MC, and even he can't come up with an answer. Of course love doesn't need a reason, but I'm not going to believe that they fell for each other at first sight. They are both level headed, ML moreso than MC. They are not flighty people and their personalities are not fickle. So for them to actually fall in love there must be some reason, and to be, there was really no compelling reason why ML fell for MC. She is a lot younger, immature (compared to him boring old self), and her family situation is a lot worse than his. I was actually quite Dissapointed in this novel in the end. It was an ok read. I was able to MTL most of it fairly easily. The ending felt a bit abrupt, like the author wanted to forcefully inject some drama to tie up some loose ends once and for all, but it just felt off kilter. <<less
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Jul 23, 2022
Status: --
The story was seriously good but I wish the FL wasn't her. Her nosiness and curiousity were written as if it's a cute thing but she's so darn annoying. By chapter 20-ish I already skipped her long inner monologues because they're nothing more than excessive brain holes leaking out from her tiny brain.

Other than that, her fighting capability as an ancient China FL was very lacking compared to her compatriots. She was only capable of market shrew-level schemes (but failed sometimes) and the rest relied on ML. I wish I... more>> know why ML liked this harebrained FL but maybe it's the ancient men's taste speaking. No virtue can also be considered a blessing.

But I think the author made a mistake in the genre? It's rare that a mystery-solving novel is led by an FL with below-average IQ who can't spare enough brain cells to think about anything else other than ML's cold eyes and sharp eyebrows. <<less
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