Delicate Flower


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In her previous life, Yu Tang’s family was ruined and she lost her loved ones. So in this life, she only wants to focus on helping her elder cousin rebuild their family business.

Pei Yan (with a cold and scornful look): she does nothing of use; only steals and flirts. Constantly appearing in front of me no matter where I go. Does she covet the position of the Pei family’s patriarchal wife so much?

Yu Tang (silent crying): No, this is a complete misunderstanding! When your family’s fleet of ships sail out to sea, I only wanted to join in and earn a little….

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New xfatale rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c225
I really like this novel. It begins at quite a slow pace, as it introduces the female MC, Yutang and her family situation. There isn't any inner family courtyard drama as she's the only child and her parents really love her a lot. Because she had such a protected childhood, she suffered a lot from the schemings and plots when she married. So when she had a second chance, she learnt how to be smarter and more assertive and stand up for herself. I like how she... more>> isn't OP. Even though she has knowledge of future events due to her previous life, sometimes things don't go as planned and she makes mistakes too. It's more realistic I feel. The male MC is my cup of tea too lol. He is the cold, silent type but with a soft heart - tsundere haha. The bickerings and interactions between them are really funny haha. The romance between them is really gradual and fits the plot well. It's a novel that you really have to read more before you really like it. So give it a try! :) <<less
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New XiaoFanTuan rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c10
Have not finished reading this yet but I can't understand how someone can rate this novel ONE star on the first day this was up in novelupdates. Said so coz I stumbled upon this on the first few hours that it got uploaded here then added this in my list and upon checking this again it already has one star rating. Sure, everyone can rate this each to their own judgement but I personally think it's not fair to have it rated one star when there isn't even any reviews... more>> why. Went to read this through MTL and so far, so good. Nothing to complain except for the migraine inducing sentences which is entirely my fault for going the MTL route.

-end rant <<less
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