Death Can’t Sleep


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“I can’t sleep without you.”

Amarion Amari, a poor count maiden who wields a sword every day in the barren North.

One day, she received a proposal from the great nobleman of the Empire, Archduke Morte, who is also known as ‘Walking Death’.

“Be my wife, and I will give you everything.”

She had to accept this irresistible offer, and on their first night, the Archduke made a request of her. ​

“Stay by my side all night, but you must stay awake.”

When the Archduke went to bed after handing a sword to her, Amarion realized why this beautiful and fearsome man had to marry her, a knight.​

“You are like a miracle to me.”​

The nights went on, the more the duke fell in love with her; and Amarion gradually opened her heart to his sweetness…

The action-growing romance between the two begins now.

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죽음은 잠 못 이루고
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8 Reviews

New wormbooker
Mar 28, 2024
Status: c43
3.5 stars

Rating this novel was difficult because it's not exactly a 4 star novel but it also isn't as terrible as some 3 star novels. Everything about this novel can be summed up as one word: minimal. Readers get dropped into the novel immediately without any character or world background. It wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that none of it is developed. The characters also are not fleshed out at all. They are practically just character outlines and remain 2D the entire portion of the... more>> novel I read. Many novels have this issue but it becomes quite apparent in this novel due to the equally flat background. The sparseness of this novel is so distracting that I found it hard to concentrate and immerse myself because I would be questioning the logic of the characters and the plot. From beginning to end, all of the characters' actions felt forced and awkward.

I would say its only merit is the potential it had to be a good novel. If the author had fleshed things out and really developed the characters and plot, it probably would have been a better read. This novel ended up feeling like a teenage Wattpad romance written by someone who likes Korean 'European/Ambience Style' historical fantasy.

TDLR: Flat, illogical, a little cringe, definitely was 'inspired' by another really similar novel <<less
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Dec 25, 2021
Status: c19
I'll edit in a review later, just want to point out that despite NU saying there are only 4 translated chapters, there are 30+ at the moment.

I understand it's probably annoying having to manually add chapter releases to this site but I've found a half dozen novels just today that I normally would have passed up because of low chapter count that had 30-50 chapters on the translators site.

... more>>

I feel like this had a lot of potential. The MC was the best knight in her country and everyone knew it, she married the best knight in the empire aka the only person better than the MC. He married her because he has PTSD and sleepwalks with a sword and attacks people.

The problem is the writing is so lazy and doesn't make any sense considering what we know about the characters. The ML didn't even tell the MC about his condition the first night, so from her perspective her new husband tried to kill her the first night. She didn't even get mad about, which makes no sense. The MC thinks she's a mediocre swordsman for some reason, even after she easily beats the best knight in the capital. The MC is very timid and has no self esteem, and is driven to tears by some noble women. Her entire background is that she spent her entire life fighting monsters with mercenaries and other knights, why would she be so emotionally weak to a few insults? I could go on about how the characters change their personality to fit the plot for a while so I'll stop.

The ML falls in love with the MC for no reason and gets really possessive, which I'm not a fan of. The FL just thinks he's hot, no matter how he acts or what he does.

This is just another instance of a "strong" FL being written as a damsel so the ML can swoop in and solve all of her problems. Sh*t is annoying. <<less
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Dec 11, 2021
Status: c03
As the title of this novel. He the ML is called Walking Death, because he super strong even in his sleep.

... more>>

He requested MC who is the strongest knight in a small country to be his wife. He said he'd provided everything to her[. She accepted the deal with him because she can provide to her household the money to survive a few winter. She doesn't know what is the catch that she has to sacrifice, she think he just want a wife.



How suprising he ask her to stay up watching him sleep, only to know that he sleepwalking wielding sword to fight with anyone.I agree to why MC angry with his husband. Even she survived first night without knowing what's going on, she should know the reason he married her first. It's better prepared than unguarded.

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Sep 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This was really nice novel. The FL & ML is so likable and man with honor, they are op but have weakness in their own way.

I love the dynamics and relationship between the two, which put respect to its highest.

Sometime when FL become a knight and op, the author make the story become too feminist, but not with this one. The balance is just right and I really enjoy both ML & FL has their own role and responsibilities without belittle about gender.

Overall, this novel is one of my fav!... more>> :) <<less
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Jan 28, 2022
Status: c45
Really good so far. The romance at the beginning it's really sweet and slow and then

... more>>

you start getting subtle hints that, damn, the ML is possessive and has a lot of trauma. Things start to get more serious after they go to the Morte State (btw, in my language 'Morte' means death) but the FL-ML relationship didn't get... hmmm abusive? I mean he's very cruel but not to her, he treats her well


Basically it's a good romance but beware there are heavy topics, ptsd, war related stuff and such. The ML is very flawed but I like him nonetheless and the FL is very... I don't think naive is the word but she's very... socially awkward? at the beginning, like she's strong af physically but she'll get bullied by ppl at gatherings. She'll grow from it, worry not, anyways I like her. I like the tl quality too, it was a nice read, can't wait for more chapters <<less
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Dec 23, 2021
Status: c29
Awwwwww yessssssss....


ML is a big baby and a wife simp and I'm ALL here for it!

It's so refreshing how low key but badass overpowered FL is. Thank goodness she's not the scheming or frustratingly naive FL trope.

Also, the people at Morte estate is sus...

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Sep 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel has been on hold for a while, but finally I got the chance to read it and it was the best decision of my life!

This is a healing novel. I really liked it, too much sweetness!

I loved every character in the novel, each of them has their own growth.

I will not put a spoiler here! I truly recommend this! Please read this!
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Feb 12, 2024
Status: c90
The first 30 chapters were fine then the story slowly destroyed itself. ML's background arc went too long for my liking, I wouldn't complain much if the rest of the story were satisfying. From that arc, things went so DOWNWARD that I recommend you to never pick up this novel. Here are the reasons:

Right after ML's 20+ chapters of background flashback, the cold war between leads began. I thought the angst would be short but no, the author separated that for another 30 chapters. I mean the reason for the... more>> cold war just FL being contradictory with her own head. She made things harder for ML just because of the image her mind of her husband didn't fit the reality, they didn't communicate for a long time either. I find that very selfish of her.
Then their reunion was SO UNDERWELMING that I lost my interest. I was patient for a while.... However, the author didn't give them enough time even after they made up. The story focused on anything and anyone but them. Even some random people got more screen time than ML. Well, I could say that ML turned into a side character.
After a pointless and uneventful banquet, they again focus on another subjugation. By the way, she was disappointed with the ML because he "misguided" her about his nature but she did the same thing afterward... Like bruh. She lied and then tried to

leave the dukedom

without even letting ML know.
Ah, I should point out that the author kept referencing fiction within fiction. That drove me crazy. Like brother, write about your own characters. PLEASE.
Dropped at chapter 90 I cannot lose any more precious time with a tasteless piece of dry wall like this. <<less
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