To You Who Will Kill Me


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Scarlett, the youngest of The White Family, grew like a plant in a greenhouse.

Unfortunately, she was killed by the son of her father’s lover, Noah Ash Ford.

But when she opened her eyes, time went back to before she died, 200 days before she was killed.

So she decided not to have a meaningless death in this life and swore to get her revenge on Noah Ash Ford.

“Noah, trust me, whoever or wherever you’re from.”

I hate your birth and I hate your mother. For the sake of revenge, I could do this kind of acting.

One day, his eyes changed as he looked at her. “Scarlett, I exist for you. You’re sick because of me… I’m sorry I love you.”

She gave a cruel smile on her lips as soon as she saw the love in his eyes. How dare you love me? You, I’ll kill you and then go to hell. Remove you with this hand and I say, “I love you.” I will live in the same hell as you.

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나를 죽일 그대에게
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4 Reviews

Oct 13, 2021
Status: prologue
Hey! Giving a 5 star because it seems too soon to classify a novel under 4 if there is only the prologue, right?

Seems like we will have what we'relooking for: some good guilty feelings, some revenge, a lovely crazy/yandere/unhealth relationship! LOL

So, now that we agree that that's what we should expect by reading this, and so is not fair to give a lower rate because of this same reason..... thanks TL-sama for picking up this projects! They're gonna refresh my saturated list of korean romance novels hehehehe
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Oct 22, 2022
Status: c2 part2
Very interesting, if you like the Gothic Romance genre this fits in there.

Quick Sum:

Scarlett White died protecting her nephew Isaac from a home invasion by a violet-eyed intruder. After being stabbed repeatedly to death she wakes up almost a year into the past. Scarlett was always the bratty frail daughter of the White family, and now she has to deal with PTSD from being killed. She learns that the reason she was born prematurely is that her mother went into shock when she was introduced to a 1-year-old Noah Ashford... more>> by her husband as his illegitimate son. After seeing Jane Ashford's portrait Scarlett believes Noah is her killer and decides to find him so she can have her revenge before either Noah or her body kills her.


Scarlett White:

Raised by her siblings due to her father leaving the family for Jane Ashford and her mother's absence due to depression. Scarlett is really bratty and selfish but loves her siblings deeply for she understands the depths they would go for her. She sets out for revenge on her own to find Noah and make him indentured to her as the first step.

-if you like sickly characters who hate the world you'll like her

White Family:

John White the eldest son and senator. Married to Abigail who lost her sight after a sickness.

Arron White second son is a wealthy railroad industrialist. I think he is married to Amanda.

Scott White third son is connected to the Kravitz information network about 13 years older than Scarlett. I believe he is unmarried and might also be a doctor for he oversees Scarlet's medication the most.

Susan White is a bank owner, Isaac's mother and Scott's twin. I believe she is married to Andrew who runs a shipping business.

Noah Ashford:

The school's perfect student known as Theo Grisham has a part-time job as an aide and assained to help the sickly Scarlett White. Nobody really knows Theo Grisham but Theo Ashford is in hiding from debt collectors, depts that once turned him into a ship's s*ave. Theo also hides his mother and himself from the White siblings as he knows their hatred for them. When Noah has the precious youngest White sibling at his house toying him with an opportunity for forgiveness he sees a chance for his mother to live more freely and a chance to cleanse himself of the guilt of his illegitimacy.


When he was ens*aved on a whaling ship a few years ago he discovers dormant wizard abilities that he used to escape his ens*avement and return to his mother. During his escape, he killed a man and promised himself not to use these powers again. Using his powers turns his blue eyes into violet that Scarlett remembers


Story stuff:

If you are worried about in*est.


Both sides have doubts that Noah is a real child of the White family. The Whites standing is that Noah has no resemblance to his father or any of his half-siblings. In the prologue, Scarlett received information from Kravitz that Jane was pregnant before she even met their father.

Noah's second reason for not being fully convinced he isn't a child of the White family is having memories of another man claiming to be his father. Pretty much the only people who insisted Noah is a child of the White family are Mr. White and Jane.


Everything so far is just a lot of self-loathing and hatred for their situation and family secrets bubbling to the surface and my Tragedy loving ass loves it <<less
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Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunr
May 05, 2022
Status: Completed
Despite my "red-flag-o-meter" running wild by just reading the summary, prologue, and chapter 1, I decided to go ahead and read it because I'm just so curious and was in the mood for something dark a couple of months ago.

I will begin by saying that you need a lot of patience with this novel, things are gradually revealed. Overall, solid worldview, structured plot, complex characters. Personally, I find it best to read in chapters (like novel chapters, not individual kkp chapters).

The author's writing is smooth, expressive, and in general, quite... more>> lovely to read. The characters' personalities and thoughts are sufficiently revealed through the lines and actions, the emotions felt by the characters are directly defined (which is helpful in this story due to the complexity - I don't have to assume/guess).

Scarlett has great love for her family, and it shows in her actions. However, she is also weak (like, sickly), which does make it a little different compared to other revenge stories. She might be part of the family, but she doesn't exactly know a lot (esp with regards to Noah and his mother). Which brings me to the ML/Noah.

Noah... He isn't my type of ML, but he isn't as nasty as the prologue made it out to be (Scarlett is an unreliable narrator.)


There was a sudden religious spiel/message (on Noah's side) which is a little weird, but not a dealbreaker (especially if you've made it that far into the story already)


It's a destructive love-hate kind of relationship, definitely not for everyone. The translators are doing a great job from whatever I've read from them, hopefully they'll continue this so that more can read it! <<less
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May 28, 2022
Status: c1p3
I reaaally like the start of this novel, its really interesting, great translation and good writing. I just hope someone picks this up so I can keep reading soon... The characters are unic, with a distinct personality and the story has lots of potential! Recomended!
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