Dawn Sleep


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Three years ago, a grievous news came from the distant stars, Crown Prince Ryann died so heroically on the frontier that even his remains couldn’t be found and returned home.

The Empire has lost its handsome and dazzling prince, as well as one of the strongest new crystal human beings in this century.

It was said that the prince left a poor widow behind.  

… At the funeral, the young widow had black hair and white skin. He lowered his head in silence as he held the coffin.

The royal family and high-level officials of the empire couldn’t help frowning greatly: The person who made His Highness fall in love during his lifetime was actually such a vulgar creature.


Jiang Jianming worked like a salted fish in the imperial military academy for three years, and he was unremarkable to the extreme.

In the graduation season, he calmly rolled up his baggage and stepped into the cruel distant star battlefield to collect the body of His Highness.

Everyone knows that disabled humans are weak, and they have no fighting ability at all. How many people either sneered or regretted, just waiting to wrap the corpse of this young man who had exceeded himself?

Until later, the pale young man scoured the scorched earth covered in blood, and when he raised his hand, the sound of gunfire broke through the long night. The Milky Way was reflected in the bottom of Jianming’s eyes, and the blade of the mecha was bathed in crystal and starlight.

Behind him, countless new human beings were convinced by this ‘proud son of heaven’, and they all called him “commander” in unison.

The alien creatures were frightened and trembling;
The rich and glorious dominion star-lord treat him as a guest;
The murderous space pirate love and hate him…

Jiang Jianming smiled slightly: “Don’t be so exaggerated, I’m just a weak and sickly disabled human being.”
Imperial people: “?”

So when the monarch came back from hell to the world, facing the legendary story that his lover had turned the distant star upside down for him, the monarch raised his eyebrows coldly: “Nonsense. The commander is just a weak and sickly disabled human being… Tell me, who encouraged him into a mecha today?”
Imperial people: “???”
 —Please light the withered years, go through the remnants of the old civilization and the cold stars, and wake up in my arms before the dawn of mankind.

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New periperi rated it
January 4, 2023
Status: 190+
3.5 stars rounded up.

I gave up midway because it was getting a bit all over the place. The novel does have a good and extensive world building that I'm not reading right. Will need proper translation for it. So I'm rating it more on the relationships. I actually quite liked the side characters and I really like ML. The premise of it being interstellar with 2 unique kind of humans ("crystal" humans and the other normal humans).

Minus points I will dump all in the following spoiler. I do think it's... more>> a personal opinion.


Biggest spoiler is that ML probably lost his memory and comes back as an amnesiac. There's other complications because many chapters later, we find out he might be some kind of clone? Anyway amnesia is the plotline here. I'm not sure what constitutes a person but the new ML has his own personality and thoughts and he doesn't want to be referred to as the old ML. Does he count as a new character? But MC still professes his love (later on, it's slow build up) to new ML despite establishing the fact that new ML doesn't want to be seen as old ML. I have no idea how to feel about that. Because should they be respected as 2 separate characters? Then later on, new ML kind of takes on old ML's identity despite still not having his memories and this is already at around chapter 150. So by 150, we still haven't fully seen original ML. I'm already accepting new ML and have no idea what to feel about old ML. By 190, we have an almost full picture of what old ML was doing (via flashbacks) but I have no idea what to feel about this weird triangle. Like who is the real love interest anymore? Is old ML coming back? Also, I get that MC is to be a physically weak character but he's pushing it by vomiting blood and being on the verge of death every other chapter. He has this seeking death attitude that I'm not really vibing with probably because everyone's telling him to think about his health but he's like nah. Then he goes and dies and that's where I stopped. Because it's just going off the tracks now.


So despite my conflicting feelings in the spoiler, I really like ML (maybe more so than MC).

And I actually mean new ML because I kind of felt for him with his struggling identity crisis.


Overall, perhaps I'll enjoy it better once the translation is out. <<less
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New yayachan rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: Completed
So beautiful 🥰🥰🥰

The plot, the romance.... Its been a while since I read a very good novel. Very recommended. The MTL is readable. But I will read again for the Translation.


Its HE

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Birguslatro rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Most of the time, I read stuff here to turn my brain off and relax. This book is not one of those mindless reads. This book kept me anxious the whole time I was reading it. The author is a master with candy in one hand and a knife in the other.

You can tell the author put a lot of work in crafting the plot and premise. It wasn't just stacking words just to hit a count. She didn't waste time with filler, and even though it's a long book,... more>> I never felt like it was dragging. Everything she included genuinely had a purpose for existing. Even the super long flash back didn't annoy me because I was so emotionally invested in the characters that I actually wanted to know the details of how everything in their past went down.

Just a warning, this book will torture your soul. You will fall in love with the characters and you will want to hurt the author for torturing them over and over, always described in artistic prose and striking imagery. I felt the beauty of it even through the jank-ass lens of google translate. The times I cried during this book...

There is so much to love about the relationship with the main couple, I can't even. After reading so much danmei with toxic relationships, I feel cleansed after finding this one. Everything about this love story is so perfect. There is no dubcon, coercion, s*upid mind games, etc. Even though there are some parts where the ML withheld the truth from the MC, it wasn't without reason. The power balance between the two never felt like it tilted too much in one direction. The MC is a very strong character and even though you will always worry for him, since he is dragging around a tattered sack of a body for pretty much the whole book, his personality is so strong that you never feel that he's weak. The ML is also a strong character that does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his "dawn". The MC similarly doesn't hesitate to set himself on fire and charge into the abyss, searching for the ML. They are that kind madly devoted couple.


It's rare to see a ML with a defined character arc. Actually, this boy had 2? One was when he had amnesia and the other during the flashback. I am so tired of your standard domineering CEO with facial paralysis that I get very excited when I see something new. It's like encountering a shiny Pokémon, seriously.


Another note, some authors seem to think that to display how much two people are into each other, they have to smash all the time? No man, this is how it should be done. The sexual element of the main couple's relationship is probably the one of least importance. The forbearance, the long years of waiting, the devotion, all feel so much more affectionate and genuine than 10k words describing how character A kabedons, then drags character B into bed or whatever.

I hope this gets translated faster. I got impatient and MTLed but I am definitely rereading a legit translation. <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: --
My reading comprehension might be different from yours so take my review with a grain of salt.

I'm just starting and it's been fantastic so far. Haven't seen the ML yet but with how strong mc's devotion with the ML show so much about their relationship and how they feel for each other even it's been three years. I can feel the love even though it's just from MC, his longing. Remember that everything he is doing is for his love one, to recover even just a bit of him and... more>> know why. He got nothing to lose that's why he isn't afraid of anything anymore.


MC is also determined, once he have decided, nothing can stop him. He know what he wants and how to get it. He is strong willed and extremely devoted, I haven't chance upon a character like him in like 6 months. He isn't the strongest physically but his mental character is admirable, his determination is what makes him rise to power to his full capability, I'm joking he is op but not in the annoying way, it's in progression and there will be a reason. He is Gary Sue with his connections due to his fiance tbh everything is smooth flowing for him and his wimps are granted all the time, he wants to be the inspector or be an adjutant and he will be granted easily, no questions but again it is portrayed not in an annoying way because again, I know there will be a reason. His capabilities are shown rather than narrated, unlike other novels which usually states he knew how to do that because of some random reason, he doesn't brag nor does he suggest like a know it all person because a she said he isn't a hero, he just want one thing. But that one thing is what ignited him to take action.


It's also well written with details that is acceptable and not info dump. There are interesting characters that have their personality and you know aren't written just for the sake of being a canon fodder, well they are but much more interesting. It's unexpected when the feels would just hit you, the author did really great with expressing the characters emotion. There is a reason for their action and it's well thought out. Although there are instances where the MC shoulder everything and makes me wonder of the protocols.

And I'm glad to see that there is a real friend near MC who isn't secretly in love with him like in brainless novels.

I m sure there is more to MC (yes, there is), because why is everything so smooth flowing in everything he does. It's like he is being guided to push forward. I really like the ML, for me he had the most hardship and contribution, from his birth and through his life, I'm way too invested in him.

Edit: I'm a quarter through and it's been great still.


Edit: chapter 163 and I'm getting quite bored but that is because I am not really into interstellar and I'm only reading this for the romance, but for me to continue this far means that it's great. I didn't even liked imperfections by priest.



I think it's okay, I'm not really a fan of a MC centered novels where the male leads' prowess although mentioned is brushed off and everyone flocks to the MC like a bird, singing of praise, appreciating his hardship, etc. It's my problem and I really like the ML here than MC that's why I keep reading to know what happened to him. I like the story but as it goes further and further it gets annoying and I just want it to end. But I like the ML so, hayss

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Alysx rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is definitely heavier than what is seen in the light-hearted blurb. Author was definitely ambitious when writing the book and was successful in executing it. This entire tale was masterfully and poetically woven into such a gem, with many beautifully described scenes as well as emotionally charged moments. Personally I don't like reading the interstellar genre, but the writer had me hooked in the first few chapters and I immediately went to the raws to finish reading

The romance and plot are nicely intertwined, neither overpowering the other. There... more>> isn't any plot holes that I can spot, and the story unfurls in a seamless manner. The main cast and side characters are compelling, allowing me to live the story alongside them. They had great character development and I highly admire and respect the tenacity of the MC and ML to go against all odds and strive for victory



I have a very very soft spot for the ML and the MC. Both of them had extremely difficult lives ;w; Please don't hate on the ML and give him a chance, he actually didn't ditch the MC but was rather doing everything for the sake of the MC (you'll have to read the story to find out). In fact, the ML knows that the MC has to suffer lots of injustice in society due to his body physiology and tries very hard to fight for the MC to be treated fairly. He's quite protective of the MC and pampers him loads.

On the other hand, the MC originally felt that he wasn't a good match to the ML because of his humble beginnings and sickly body. This actually caused the MC and ML to clash many times because the MC doesn't want the ML to go so far for him. In fact the MC even once described the ML to be like a ferocious beast who has chained the whole of humanity on his back and is dragging all of them forward to progress even quicker, so that the MC can be saved. However, the MC doesn't want that because he thinks that it'll be extremely lonely for the ML as no one can keep up with his speed.

Ultimately, they manage to find a middle ground. Overall I think the romance has a balanced dynamics and is sweet :)


Personally I really love the MC as a character, his mental fortitude is extremely strong and he has learnt to never stop walking, even if he sets his entire meagre existence ablaze to light up the way. Seeing how he sikes other people continuously always brings a smile to my face. More on the MC's character:


On the contrary to another review, I personally don't think our MC has everything smooth sailing for him. In fact, our MC has to bear many grievances. He's been taught harshly many times that life is unfair, especially to those with his physiology.

He likes operating mecha, but his own constitution leaves him at a huge disadvantage compared to his peers. He can't live peacefully in society as people discriminate against his kind everywhere and they don't see his merits and hard work for what they are. Even he and his lover were repeatedly torn apart by circumstances.

Despite all these, he still pushes on. My poor boy even did the literal equivalent of poisoning himself so that his body can (barely!) withstand the harsh conditions at the frontier. The essence of his character can be seen from one of his quotes:

"It is immensely difficult to live without any regrets, for we humans only have one life, but at the very least, we should die with a clear conscience and without any shame."


The basic plot:


We're first introduced to this world with the MC graduating from a military school and how he wants to go to the frontier, which is rampant with aliens and space pirates, to seek the truth of the ML's departure and "death". This is actually literally impossible for the MC because his natural body physiology is unable to withstand the harsh conditions at the frontier.

Basically humans are split into two categories those with crystal bones (?) and those without. The former is split into different ranks as well, based on how strong one's crystal bones are. MC is of the latter and thus his physical constitution is pretty much the lowest of the low


But the story gradually thickens (but please don't quote me on this because this is too scifi heavy and I skimmed through this part lol) :


We find out that humanity has been parasitised by the very thing they are proud of-- the crystals. Said crystals are actually living organisms and use humans to reproduce and gain strength for the mother body. Once the mother body accumulates enough strength, it can cause a huge explosion of sorts (?) and that would be very very bad

It's basically a war between species and humans are already at the losing end. The people in the know are unwilling to publicise the knowledge in fear of a total meltdown of society and order


Will highly recommend it even if you don't like interstellar genre (I skimmed through the parts that were too nitty-gritty on the scifi setting and still had an absolutely wonderful time). Now I gotta scream into the void and deal with the withdrawal symptoms of finishing such an immersive story <<less
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Alekhya1994 rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a very good read, I actually mtled the whole series and it is actually very good

So many up and down's are present and I think this is 1st which I read completely in this year

The author did very good job and I really loved it

The love between our ML and mp is so good, how depth their feelings are

Actually I also want to have this kind of love 😍
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