Dawn of a New Era


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Spiritual qi is recovering, the martial path is burgeoning. Numerous space channels leading to the ‘Other World’ appeared on Earth.
Countless supernatural lifeforms enter Earth, including divine beings and spirits, bringing with them the descent of laws. Strange phenomenons manifest everywhere, an era of evolution begins for humanity.
A young man became the master of the ‘Book of Knowledge’. He can deduce cultivation arts, and optimize secret manuals, viewing things from a third-person perspective. He has strong attributes and bizarre capabilities, embarking on a journey on the supernatural path.

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troutrun rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: Completed
If you are looking for a story without the usual cliches then this story is for you. There are no face slapping, young master BS, killing because of the slightest grievances to the MC or annoying love plots.

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This story is set in modern times in an alternate earth where another world is merging with earth, causing space channels to open up, allowing powerful gods and their followers to invade earth. Our MC is a high schooler who stumbles across an OP knowledge artifact from the other world that eventually pushes him to be earth's top warrior.


This is probably the most chill MC that I've ever read. No real ambition besides his family safety and surviving the invasion. No harem. I enjoyed this story so much I finished the raws. I liked the ending, although it probably could have been better.

Note: Being a modern story written by a Chinese, there is some nationalism that is there but does not necessarily affect readability or enjoyment of the story. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: c4
Although the story was interesting, the author spends too much time on world building amd character building. The time transitions are also too much, with about 3-5 time skips each chapters without words but "..." to get to another point in the story. In my opinion it was overdone. Also as this was not chosen for translation on WN not really worth reading as it is dropped
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selweron rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c60
There's one thing this author did well - realism and character growth.

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MC starts as a childish, pe*verted guy with low self-esteem.

Female family members treat him really bad. His sister is shown favorism by the mother while he is simply ignored.

Then, he gets a cheat that sheds his old skin off. Literally.

He becomes more calm, confident and no longer as dumb.

You'd think he finally grew up and we're about to experience an epic tale. Fear not.

The power gets to his head. Realistic.

He becomes a c*cky villain. He thinks he deserves everything now. Makes a little fairy his s*ave that he abuses, murders otherworlders because "they are different race" (nationalism, huh), he keeps being aroused by every single girl and even makes one his gf because she made his body feel hot.

He also doesn't report a dangerous entry dimension that could wipe his whole city out of his own selfishness and self-interest. This is also very realistic, who cares about these people when you can get stronger and monopolize all this shit. So far one Earth guy died from entering it by mistake, but MC only thought about it for 2 sentences then justified his actions.

At this point, the main plot of Otherworld vs. Earth is shoved to the side, while the martial exams and academy seem to be forgotten (I mean, at this point he is stronger than their graduates, what would even be the point of him going to the academy). The main plot becomes exploiting that Otherworld dimension for resources and power ups while 'abusing' the little fairy.

He also can't control his anger or bloodthirsty nature in the end, because well, character growth. Man, but he upgrades meditation with system... shouldn't meditation make him the most peaceful and calm dude on Earth?

Even his sister is a little cute angel compared to him as the story goes. And it seems that he is not going to change, as fascism runs through his veins.


Worse yet,

the content and plot plagiarized from Kung Fu Beyond the World. It's just that the other novel didn't get the translation quality it deserves (it's mtl lol) so most people dropped it early on.

So what is plagiarized?

  • People practice martial arts
  • Two world merging with many dimensions and energy level being higher at the other world
  • the other world has tribes, and these guys are also called barbarians
  • The fairy loves figurines/shells
  • The fairy has a copy-pasta personality. She behaves the same, talks in the same manner and many more.
And it's only the beginning... the list of plagiarized stuff goes on. That's why I don't get you people. You rate Kung Fu at 3.5 and say it's full of cliche, but for the same stuff in Dawn of a New Era (with worse execution) you give 4.8 and say it's amazing and no cliches? Ignorance is truly bliss. <<less
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