Darenidemo Dekiru Kage Kara Tasukeru Maō Tōbatsu


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It has been ten years since The Demon Lord Kranos declaring war against all the humanity.

Against the powerful army of Kranos, at the brink of it’s own destruction, The kingdom decided to use The Church secret summoning ritual to call upon heroes.

I was selected as it’s priest (healer) as a leftover party member in the Tōdō naotsugu’s party, the sacred hero party. Inside it there are already two core member, a magician and a swordsman. But then I notice something, even though we were the first line of defense against the demon lord army, we don’t have any ability to fight.

Is it possible for me to fight against the demon lord army and leveling up the hero party at the same time!?

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Defeating the Demon Lord’s a Cinch (If You Have a Ringer)
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fireutsie rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: v3
I had a hunch when I saw the cover of the novel and read that the hero only wanted to have an all female party. And at the end of volume 1 it turned out that I was right about it.

Major vol1 spoiler ... more>>

The hero is actually a woman.

But then what do they with this plot twist? Absolutely nothing. There is no explanation why he has to hide this secret. And there is no further development on this issue. And these kind of issues are what irk me the most about the novel. The characters are shallow, and no significant character development or world building takes place. The interactions between the hero and his companions too are kinda just shallow, generic and forced. The good thing is that the interaction between the priest and his superiors as well as subordinates are mostly ok.

The setting is what sets this novel apart from a lot of the other fantasy-isekai novels, it offers something fresh after all those op edgy isekai slave harem novels. The novel is mainly focused on the Priest and the Hero and is mainly told from the Priest's POV but sometimes the hero also gets a part. The main character is the priest, not the kind of priest you usually find, but more of a Dungeons and Dragons type of priest. He throws out all the expectations you have for a standard priest; he cusses, he drinks, he threatens, he scams, he bashes enemies in with a mace and even curses his own god. He will do anything to accomplish his mission of guiding the hero, and he certainly doesn't hold back with retorting or cursing when things go wrong. It's what makes the novel great. But here is where it all stops being great.

The Hero is stupid, he's does not make rational descisions, has a narrow-minded view about certain things, and has a strong belief in justice which backfires spectacularly. And it would've been fine if we found out why he turned out to be like this, but nope, after 3 volumes there are barely any snippets about his past in Japan. Why he doesn't like males either is not explained. He also doesn't really grow as a character, nor does his character get explored. So I'm kinda disappointed.

The side characters are also very flat. We get some snippets about their past but it took 3 volumes to have the mystery revealed why the mage can only use fire magic. And it was really only explained in like 1 sentence too.

No idea why the swordsman took up a different school or why she has 0 magic ability.

No idea what the aide of the priest is actually thinking and why she volunteered for the job. She hinted that she had met him before and seems to harbor some feelings of love towards the priest? But all of this doesn't really get touched upon since she refuses to speak about her past meeting with the priest because the priest forgot about it. And I really don't blame him since the dude has to deal daily with the most troublesome people and tasks that probably exists in his world.

As said in the beginning, my opinion is that the novel is kinda fresh and unique for its setting. The priest is a great and uncommon type of character. But the character development, interactions and worldbuilding are just really non-existent. Most (side) characters are flat and uninteresting. And I really wish that this part was done better. Because it would've been a solid novel otherwise.

I give it a 3/5 <<less
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bkwrm rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: v1
Pretty solid read so far. MC is a badass which is fun and has an interesting viewpoint. Heroes party is delightfully quirky. And it is a blast watching the MC have to lead everyone by the hand while dying inside at how useless they are.

However about midway through the novel takes a bit of a dive. And now it's all about him wearing masks and having to hide himself to help them from the shadows. Which I found a LOT less interesting.

And the hero does get really damn annoying. While... more>> I understand he has his reasons for why he does a few of the things he does, but in the end he acts like a complete noob that is going get everyone killed as he refuses to work out his own issues. <<less
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ballster147 rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: v2
Characters full of flaws and thats what the story tell itself.

OPness means nothing when you dont have what it takes and talent means nothing when you are powerless

And thats the issues that our not too OP MC and the Hero and his party full of talents needs to address

A story on how the NOT SO PERFECT and FLAWED MC try so hard to guide the hero and his team step by step
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Archerreborn2 rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: v2
Definitely a great novel. Yes I'll admit most of the characters seem unlikable at first glance. But the story is focused a lot of character development and character interaction, so as the plot progresses and more of both the MC and the heroes are revealed originally irritating characteristics start to make more sense.

Honestly the second volume is much better once you start getting into the groove of things and it focuses on the heroes actually improving themselves. Definitely a good read.
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iluvcelebi rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: v3
The MC is not the Isekai protagonist. Which already, in my book that is tired of the oversaturated OP Isekai protagonist trope, boosts its rating. No, instead the MC is the holy priest (think Fire Emblem War Monk, who swings around a battle mace, and oh boy is the MC pretty kickass) from the world the Isekai 'protagonist' is transported to, tasked to help the protagonist level up and defeat the demon lord.

The problem? The 'protagonist' is dumb as hell, as dumb as Shield Hero's other Heroes (if you've... more>> read the novel). He hates the holy priest, so much that he kicks him out of the party (to have a 'harem' with the other two female swordsman and mage). Also, the 'protagonist' is just stupid. Reckless, 'trying to be a hero but ending up making the situation worse' kind of typical bullheaded hero archetype.

So what does the kicked out priest do? He's ordered to support the 'protagonist' from the shadows, every step of the way. It doesn't help that to the MC the 'protagonist''s level is pretty much peanuts, so he has to help out in levelling them up... which destroying any of the Demon Lord's minions that come to investigate, since it's obvious the 'protagonist' would be wiped out in just one puny hit. MC is snarky, brilliant and strong; don't let the class [priest] or [healer] mislead you. It's best if you read it to find out more.

To read: YenPress has made a official translation (but for some reason this isn't getting an anime??? presposterous), so if you want to get it free you should go to justlightnovels. com or get it officially if it's selling in your country, since it looks like there's no need to translate it now. Right now the first three books are out.

Excerpt from Volume 1:


“Limis Al Friedia. Third child of the Prince of Friedia. I’m a mage, and I have some experience fighting monsters. Happy to work with you, Holy Warrior.”
“Your level?” I ask automatically.
Her equipment is top-of-the-line, but it’s obvious from her behavior that she’s an amateur. The term sheltered child describes her perfectly.
Limis points a glare in my direction as she answers.
“... It’s ten.”
Why the hell is she a lower level than our no-combat-experience Holy Warrior? Didn’t she just say she has “experience fighting monsters”?!

With the awkwardness still lingering, the third member rises.
“Aria Rizas. I am a swordmaster from the Mixirion school. Although I am still in training, I am honored to have been chosen as a member of this mission to defeat the Demon Lord. I hope my inexperience does not cause inconvenience. I put myself in your service. My level is twenty.”
“Your father is the great swordmaster Norton Rizas?” I ask.
“That’s correct, ” she answers sharply. “However, my abilities and my father’s have no connection. I recognize my father’s great skill and respect him, but I wish to be judged by my own merits.”
“... I see.”
What is going on with this bunch? Something just isn’t right about it. Daughter of a grand swordmaster only level 20? Isn’t that a little low?
I mean, c’mon, at least bring your dad along. That’s another thing—the grand swordmaster is supposed to be the leading instructor at the Pramia school. So why is his daughter from a different school? Both are excellent institutions for swordsmanship, but I just don’t understand it.
The talent is there, but to take down the Demon Lord... Her level is just too low.
The daughter of a prince and the daughter of a grand swordmaster. Average level... 15. Regardless of the hero’s level, with that kind of average, it would be suicide to battle the Demon Lord, no matter how you slice it.


Heading out on a journey to defeat the Demon Lord with this completely underqualified party.
At that moment, I felt I’d reached the lowest point in my life. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse...
I have just one thing left to say:
This world’s a bitch.

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Fanservice_Kun rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: v1
The main character is a stoick man who cleans up the hero's mess which is also a stoick and only wants a certain gender to join the hero's party. So far the story is terrible and the characters are unlikable, the fights takes too much talking except for the training part but the way the abilities are explained are so far so good

If you expect an op hero, zero to hero, intense fight and few more that I won't name then the first volume would most likely be a... more>> huge turn off for you. The hero is too uncute and too unlikable for you to want to cheer him on while the main character who is suppose to help the hero is quite decent for now but like I said they are too prideful. The only reason I was able to finish this was because I want the answers to my question which were answered at the end

I'll try to read the next volume since its too early to jugde

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