Danshou no Grimm


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It is said that all unexplainable mysteries that occur in our world is part of the fragments of “God’s nightmares.” When these nightmares floats into people minds, they are mixed together with their fear, ill intentions and insanity. Bit by bit as the world is manipulated, it creates the tales of nightmare.

Shirano Aoi, a boy who treasures his ordinary daily life and Tokitsuki Yukino, a girl who is haunted by her past encounters each other in “Cinderella’s Nightmare,” which was created by humans insanity. What is the fate awaiting for them——!?

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/12/23 Ryozanpaku v1c2 part4
11/12/23 Ryozanpaku v1c2 part3
11/12/23 Ryozanpaku v1c2 part5
11/11/23 Ryozanpaku v1c2 part2
11/11/23 Ryozanpaku v1c2 part1
11/11/23 Ryozanpaku v1c1 part2
11/09/23 Ryozanpaku v1c1 part1
01/12/23 Ryozanpaku v1 prologue part2
01/09/23 Ryozanpaku v1 prologue
01/09/23 Ryozanpaku v1 illustrations
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