Confused and Addicted


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In the past, Jiang Yan read a NP (non-pairing) novel. The more she read it, the more she loved it.

The female protagonist was a young, pure, and innocent character who couldn’t even get her diploma. But after she got divorced and returned to her home country, she started a melodramatic NP journey.

All of her targets in the novel came from varying backgrounds, including CEOs, military officers, and celebrities. There were even college students…

One of them cheated on his girlfriend because of her, causing that ex-girlfriend to commit su*cide by slitting her wrist.

And that ex-girlfriend just happened to have the same name as her.

Jiang Yan couldn’t help but roll her eyes in frustration.

On the first day she transmigrated into the novel, she decided to have s*x with the man the female protagonist wanted to sleep with but couldn’t…

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惑乱沉迷(1V1 穿书)
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