Burn Out


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Ji Ting and Tan Yucheng were desk mates for two years, and she had a fleeting crush on him, like the brief bloom of an epiphyllum.

However, his attention had never been on her. She knew they were impossible.

They were familiar with each other, often stayed in touch, and met frequently. She knew clearly that he was still bitter about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend and that they would eventually get back together.

She was well aware that he was still bitter about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend. and that they would eventually get back together.

But she didn’t expect to get entangled with him again, and this entanglement was also like the bloom of an epiphyllum.

They agreed that either of them could call it off at any time, around winter.

The day before her birthday.

His ex-girlfriend came back.

Ji Ting stood across the street from him and said, “Goodbye.”

Then, she turned and left.

— Forbidden Friendship/Crush Literature
— Happy Ending (HE)
— Unrequited Love
— Beautiful and Gentle Boss Lady VS Wild Boss (with a side job as a rich young master)

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