Boogiepop Wicked: Embryo Enjou


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Don’cha ever think that this thing we call the world is just so wicked? We’re all just trying to live our lives, but you just never know when you’ll have the rug pulled out from under you, ya know?

I am Embryo. I exist to break the shell within the human heart. Whether they like it or not, whomever touches me has their excess potential dragged outta them. The result? Disaster… The disaster happening right this second is an invitation to the rematch between “The Strongest” and “Inazuma.” Now is the time for the conclusion to their duel of fates. The city will shake, roaring flames will rise–and then, this wicked Boogiepop guy has the nerve to interfere with destiny…

I wonder what awaits at the end of this life and death struggle–with this strange embryo at the center of it all—whether that end be hell, the future, or even—

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Boogiepop Wicked: Embryo Eruption
ブギーポップ·ウィキッド エンブリオ炎生
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06/12/23 Threats to the World complete
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