Boogiepop Countdown: Embryo Shinsoku


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It is said that an egg exists deep within the heart of a single person. This egg, raised while storing someone with no ostensible appearance, is always waiting, day after day, for the moment that someone is born from within its shell. When that shell breaks, possibility that emerges might even stave off myself, Boogiepop, and crush the world. ……And so, the destiny revealed by this egg will, at this point, bring about a single confrontation between one who is already the strongest of his kind, and another who, following this, will shatter that shell. However, the countdown to this fate will steadily tick away until the moment these two meet. It seems as if many will be entangled within this approaching, unavoidable clash for the sake of two individuals, a pinnacle of strength and he who flashes like lightning, as each of them seek their own single way of life. — Now marks the beginning of the first act to this life or death struggle between those manipulated by unseen thread, all wrapped in the enigma of the Embryo.

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Boogiepop Countdown: Embryo Erosion
ブギーポップ·カウントダウン エンブリオ浸蝕
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10/10/22 Threats to the World complete
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