Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved


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I, Wu Qingsong, a world traveller.

I arrived in a world ruled by elves and full of cute beastwomen.

Elves should be beautiful and elegant creatures, but the cruelty and indifference of the elves in this world completely overturned my wonderful imagination of them.

And those fluffy beastwomen were forced to endure their tyranny.

No, I cannot just watch while all these things happen right in front of my eyes!

I must lead beastwomen to stand up and bravely resist!

Soap, gunpowder, fertilizer, hot air balloon, steam engine, Master Sun’s Art of War, financial war, faith in God… elves have magic, while I have the knowledge and wisdom of the earthlings.

Science vs Magic, Beastwomen vs Elf, who will win?

Even if I am caught and get tortured by elves, I still have to shout out!

We will never be s*aves!

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New jaoshik rated it
July 21, 2024
Status: c87
No idea why this is rated so low, maybe because it doesn't suit the taste of the majority? Personally, I think this is quite well written for a web novel, the characters are rational, situations are realistic, MC doesn't have Wikipedia in his head and there are explanations for his knowledge, he still has a unique power though that hardly makes him OP. As for antagonists, well, maybe there are better ones down the line but for now I'm not very impressed, Klein is the typical selfish, evil (half) -elf... more>> that thinks he's smarter than anyone else.

Edit: I take that back, MC just started making some decently complicated machines and succeeded very easily, no setbacks at all, very underwhelming. And it seems like some paragraphs, phrases, terms,... Were added by chatgpt, they're so out of place. <<less
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January 21, 2024
Status: c75
Looks considerably promising. Unfortunately, TL is paywalled beyond ch 75, and it's very difficult to find raws to MTL (I only found some forum with a TXT file that has two-thirds of the novel, but it's too sus for me to download when it's not even complete).

To put it simply, this novel is a realistic isekai. You know how everything's served on a silver platter to an average isekai protagonist? All is smooth sailing, and it's easy to make money and develop influence by using modern knowledge. Well, this novel... more>> is giving its protagonist a big reality check at basically every step. By ch75, he has only managed to sell one product, with meager results.

The MC does have some power, but it's very vague, and he doesn't understand it yet. The "protagonist strong from the start" is pretty much wrong. He's merely very tough, but the enemies MC encountered know how to deal with him when they can't wound him, and he was in trouble because they succeeded.

The MC is okay and pretty realistic for his age of 19. He's not a great MC (ah, the minor simp tendencies), but again, he's realistic, so we can look forward to some character growth.

Other characters are nothing great so far, but also not bad. Both enemies and allies include some interesting characters, and this novel isn't one of those sh*t novels where only female characters have significance.

The setting is nothing groundbreaking, but it's not the most common one (as far as fantasy races are concerned, at least). The plot is okay so far (it's too early to say), but I must warn everyone that the start is VERY slow due to all the reality checks and resulting impediments that MC encounters. It's only around chapter 60-70 that he preliminarily overcomes tthe difficulties.

Overall, a very promising novel that, at least so far, looks to be an isekai done right (and not the usual garbage slash fast food novel). <<less
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