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One day, a button appeared in front of me.

– Auto hunting by pressing a button.

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Only I Auto Hunt
Solo Auto-Hunting
나 혼자 자동사냥
혼자 자동사냥
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albreo rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: c45

The main character slowly turns into a generic male protagonist in every Korean and Chinese. That's a lot of let down. He slowly but surely becomes arrogant. The calculative mind from the early day went out the window. As I read through, he planed his life properly at the start, knew what he's good at, and resolutely saving money for 9 years. Now, he's taking every risk full frontal with plot armor when there is no need to rush what so ever. The logic in it is broken, why the... more>> rush? He also becomes OP quite quickly, can even copy other people's skills. The system is too omnipotent.

The plot is generic and in an open bracket for the moment. The goal of being at the top is not interesting enough. The good thing is there's likely to be no love interest. Combat is ok and realistic, showing human emotion at various states. The power level in this story also doesn't go overboard much, everyone still resembles humans. Overall, this story is good to read.

The translation could use an editor. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c32
I usually love this sub genre, but this story was very dull... I kept forcing myself to continue reading but it was very boring with the way it is written combines with plot. It's possible that it is just the translation quality
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saeedsagha rated it
November 26, 2021
Status: c112
I loved everything like how determined hardworking he is, despite having a cheat also reading about his personality like get embarrassed and nervous when he is in front of a camera or talking with a important figure BUT I dropped it anyway because I had to read the author's BS political view and his nonsense about other country's culture
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touhidur rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c60
The story is full with forced character development. Like how the MC gets some unexpected turns on events in a perfectly fine so called Strong China and gets some huge achievements like nothing. And the story feels poorly developed. Like how the Author doesn't go that deep in the Auto Hunting Feature itself. The Auto Hunting feature could have been described more properly. And there is also how Korean people like to undermine Japan or China or other countries in their Novels. [ I live in neither of the countries... more>> mentioned in the Novels. ] Its Just the development seems forced.

The Author did try to introduce an Unique world to the readers but in my opinion failed. At 60 chapters I feel like giving the Novel 3 starts at most. There is better Novels out there really. <<less
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System 19
System 19 rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c53
The MC is likeable and my favorite character that still act so childish when his already so old is fun to read. The manga is much more advance than the novel though '^')
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WanderingOakTree rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c33
So I've seen this novel for quite awhile and put it on hold while there was like 6 chapters, yet I don't regret it. Why? Because I ended up binging the chapters pretty darn fast and am sad there's not more at the moment.

If you've read a ton of KR novels you'll like this one. By that I mean the dude is pretty humble. He's doesn't get flustered by beautiful girls, he's not arrogant and knows there are definitely people better than him that can help him. That and although... more>> he has a auto hunting button available he still doesn't want to rely on it forever and use it as a basis to evaluate how good he could be. Maybe it's a sign he will lose the button once he becomes proficient enough? Who knows. I honestly thought it was going to be a terrible power fantasy tr*sh at first sight but I changed my mind after reading it. It's a fun ride and I'm wondering how it'll end, so why don't you check it out yourself instead of reading my review? <<less
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L-a-w rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c59
A great read, the title can be misleading a bit, as the MC doesn't wholly depends on the auto hunting skill
Personally I find it quite refreshing that he tries to get same results by pure training instead of leaving it all to his skill
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KakoiVampire rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: Completed
The side characters in this novel have to be the most lame characters I have ever read. They exist only to tell the audience just how pathetic they are, and by comparison the MC is painted to be the ultimate human being. They just pop up during the story, help MC and disappear, only to come back and again compare themselves to this plot armour protected MC and shine the light of enlightenment on the audience that there is no greater person than MC.

During the early story author tried to... more>> put some limitations on the cheat system MC has but during the latter half he is like - just f*ck it.

The discrimination and contempt Koreans hold against other first World Asian countries is also depicted blatantly. Chinese have been shown to have shameless, barbaric, having no system for managing monsters and arrogant. Japanese are shown to be just lite versions of their Chinese counterparts and all the people in top administrative positions have been shown to be corrupt with no regard for human lives.

Even at the ending the MC seemed more of a patriotic to his nation than the human species. This should have been a novel about humans fighting aliens but it turned out to be more of a brainwashing propoganda than an adventurous novel. Disappointed yes, but not surprised. <<less
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Zwamp rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: c185
So I just finished this and had a hard time to decide between a 3 or 4 stars, I landed at 4 stars since I did not regret the time I spent reading it. The reasons below might be considered spoilers so be aware.

I started off with the manhwa and finished the 92 chapters there, and that translated to chapter 85 in the WN, I backed a few ch to ch 80 in the wn and could not see a reason to start from ch 1. But from what I... more>> can discern the manhwa carried the story far better than the WN, but well with the manhwa cancelled here I am.


First of and this is a problem that so many novels share is the lack of a roadmap when the writer starts out his story. Sure he/she might have a goal in sight but not how to get there, and this gives us plot armor. The MC starts out in Korea and ppl are in awe when he takes out a mob of certain strength, but then he visits another country and at that place their is ofcourse stronger monsters and everyone looks down on the Koreans. Give it a few chapter all the sudden stronger monsters starts to appear in Korea, after 20 years, for no appearnt reason. And while improbable, not impossible. But all the sudden the normal hunters in Korea can now take down the stronger monsters without any explanation. And this irks me since it happens again and again.


The story itself was entertaining, not ground breaking but worth the read. I would not design the MC the way the author did, on the other hand I would not be able to write a story worth even one star. And the MC in this story handles things far better than most storys. There were quite a few lose ends that never got a follow up, but I prefer that and wrapping up the story than letting it keep on going 1000 chapters where 70% is unimportant side plots.

I found that quality of the translation differed, some chapters were worked through and had time put on them while some seemed to be close to mtl. <<less
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ARodz rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: Completed
The progress of the story was fast AF o.o

The novel had some unique points to it but overall if you are one just wants to read the best one's then this ain't what you looking for...

... more>>

Although this is out of context but I am really thankful for AT (Active Translations) for making it possible for us to read KR novels bcos of their quick and decent translations rather than other KR translators who make it feel like reading a novel is something you have a wait a quarter of your life for... <<less
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Rimuru rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c5
MC is fine, theres no dark past or bullied nonsense. Just a regular guy hunting getting stronger. I hope there at least a bit of romance in the future
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n0panze rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c33
The story itself is like that of any generic Korean "dungeon dive" -esque novel, and in truth, I'm fine with that. What does bother me however is the numerous plot holes (even early on pre-chapter 10) as well as the character interactions within the novel. I don't know if it's because the author did a poor job at character interactions or if it was lost in translation, but the way the characters acts in the novel is very sub par and gets progressively cringier the more the chapters progress. Furthermore,... more>> the grammar in the novel is quite "off putting" in the sense that it's not necessarily wrong, it just doesn't "flow" and "feel right" (if you've taken a glance at "Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path", then you know what I mean). The story itself is alright but not great. And the protagonist seems to lose who he was originally painted as in the beginning of the novel. Making him seem as if he regressed rather than progressed. Overall, if even the grammar improved, then I would've given it a solid 3.6... not bad if you're just bored looking for a way to past time, but not good enough to where you should invest time in it. <<less
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Ujer rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c27
Typical Korean light novel. This does not mean it is bad. I am actually like MC more than most other Korean light novel who always like to exploit other people. At least for now, MC is kind of humble. Of course, this could change later on since it is kind of early to judge how good is this fiction.

I do said that give it a chance though.
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Teadragon rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c33
It is a refreshing change to have a mature, well adjusted MC. He’s been through enough, that when he gets his cheat he does not go crazy in any of the ways MCs usually do. There is no face slapping so far (except a lecture on common sense), he does not try to make a harem, he does not appear to have a god complex, and he is pragmatic without being robot-like. Which is funny, given his cheat.
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Mahesvara_ rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: c37
The MC is quite likable and quite cool actually but all other characters can't be more boring than this. The most plain, 1-dimension, cliche characters in all the novels i've read so far. It feels like the author tried to copy bunch of character personalities from other stories but failed liven them up and ended up making them look like a talking robots.

Another problem is the translation or maybe it's the writing itself?? Whichever the two this novel is just really bad. There are so many bizarre words that was... more>> used, so many things wasn't describe, it's like I'm reading a blurry novel. Waste of time -_- I would find it fun reading a japanese novel with beta MC than this sh*t. <<less
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January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
A fast paced story is good. MC getting stronger faster but the plot was too much fast!

MC got a cheat to auto hunting like you all can see in many webgames but he need to do it physically. His body still tired.

The worst part for some reason the auto hunt system can make he learn skills faster.

The ending can be see a bit rush. Plot just changes in 2 chapters and on. It like an entire arc in 2 or 3 chapters.
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September 20, 2021
Status: c185
This basically feels like Solo Leveling without any world building.

I don't know which one came first but they feel superficially very similar.

However, there was no real world building done in this story.

There's no depth and detail is left out. There are tons of mistakes (unclear if during the translation or in originals) w.r.t. ordering and numbers. For example: 79, 000 is less than 12, 000. 12, 000 is equal to 12, 700. 12, 000 + 24, 000 is equal to 24, 000. Six months plus several months is equal to... more>> six months.

It imports tons of mythology of random sorts without actually being clear about it.

Things just happen for plot reasons without actually ever being explained. Things that are stated to be extremely important are forgotten about and never mentioned again.

I don't know if this came after Solo Leveling, but it feels like a bad fanfic of it written by someone who never learned how to write/add details/... It's not terrible, but it really feels generic.

How poor is the world building? It feels like the author realized they couldn't come up with a good explanation so they basically skipped it. They *implied* that various mythology is correct without even stating what it was. The actual explanation (if you combined it) would be about a quarter chapter. If you added the actual world building it would be about half a chapter total.

A bunch of numbers are given early on with zero context. Simple math (addition) is done wrong, and perhaps the author realizes this because numbers are given very rarely and then never again.

Rating of monsters is inconsistent and random. A small number is great enough to be world shattering in one scenario and then of course it's increased substantially to become relatively ordinary.

We very rarely get to see what's inside the MC's head. The author seems to like not explaining themselves.

We get scenarios where the MC's cheat is on or off, and most of the time we don't get told whether it's on or off. The author likes to make the MC look good by going for a very long time and then telling us the cheat was off. It's really not impressive and you generally have to guess at *why* the MC (or anyone else) is doing things.

Every once in awhile you get to see the MC doing something ungodly s*upid. The MC is supposed to be extremely intelligent but it takes a number of months before he realizes something extremely basic might be a good idea.

Routinely we get told that something is impressive because something wasn't realized... and then not told what it was. It seems like perhaps the author didn't have an outline or keep notes about what was left open and forgets to get back to it. It's possible some of this is ruined in translation. <<less
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deathmine31 rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c133
Not my cup of tea. A little too cringe for me. The modern day chinese novels with their supremacy are more bareable to read than this. Or purpose, I've gotten so sick of it all I can't do more. Pretty much a wish fulfillment novel. If thats what you like, go ahead and read.
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fangyuan rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c60
A webnovel with a generic storyline, archetype MC and ambiguous power system. MC went from a normie to top 20 in less than 55 chapters but you would still find yourself confused about what exactly makes others powerful aside from CE (for MC it's the auto-hunting). Also, like a reviewer mentioned, I feel that the conflicts, character development and even cliffhangers are forced. Maybe others like this type of novel but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.
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July 24, 2021
Status: c185
Honestly the only reason I read this novel is because I had finished the other novels I read and had nothing eles.

Here's my problem with this novel :

  1. Everything feels forced. Bad people are Bad bad to justify MC's sense of justice. Everyone is two dimensional.
  2. Some random character is having a monologue and a gate is about to open after half a chapter bullsh*t a monster is getting closer to the so called random character and he thinks "Is it how I'm gonna die?". And then while he waits for his death he hear a crash or explosion or see a blure and here's our MC saving the random character and saying something corny or maybe to make him look cooler MC stays quiet.
  3. Also there is disconnection in novel. Another thing that the author love's to do is to stop the narrative in places that makes no sense at all. I understand if it's used sometimes to add mystery to novel but that's for when the people are plotting an important plan or doing a specific thing that is important in long run so the author make readers guess what is going on but Everytime the MC gets a power up we don't see what's going on until next chapter or even next two or three chapters.

    For 6 months MC goes to the world beyond but we don't read about it and he suddenly comes out OP'er than ever. And I don't appreciate it. You can't just dump information on your readers like that I can't sympathise with a character that I haven't seen or read about their hardship and when I can't sympathise I won't enjoy reading it

  4. Author doesn't explain the power system. MC can fight and win with people who have more CE and all we hear is "WiTh AUto hUnTIng It'S mOrE eFFicIEnT" and that's plot armour right there which I call the BS.
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