Apocalypse’s Teacher


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Five years since the world was destroyed.
Living without purpose, I became a teacher once again.

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아포칼립스의 선생님
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Insaniah rated it
June 19, 2024
Status: c20
I find it surprisingly hard to find a webnovel like this in today's landscape. Just an adult taking the role of a teacher, guiding his students. One where there is no element of romance or harem found in their interactions. The one that comes to mind when reading this is Kidnapped Dragons which I liked, but that was due to its writing. If any other author less talented were to write the story, I would instantly drop it when romance was introduced with Yu Bom. This novel, however, matches my... more>> tastes in every aspect. So far, this is a better than average WN that when reading I focus, not skimming through it like you would a xianxia.

Of course for these stories about guiding children, the pedagogy is of vital importance. The MC, playing the role of an adult, uses many "adult" methods when dealing with the kids I would describe as modern. For example, in answering the query of Ki Hyun as to what his intentions are towards their group, he in a very modern fashion persuaded her saying it's for selfish reasons. A very common method I see employed in stories nowadays. I expect to see similar tropes in that later down the road as well. And the kids, they're normal. What you would expect a kid in the apocalypse to be like. This is no slight of the author, for reading his previous works, it makes it apparent to me that the author uses very common tropes and settings but presents itself masterfully to give you a satisfying whole piece

All in all, I liked the author's previous works and I look forward to this. Do give this a shot if you're interested in this sphere of things <<less
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