Apocalypse Witch: To the Strongests of an Age of Plenty


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New magic and old magic. A school battle fantasy over the title of strongest begins here!

Crystal magic is the cutting edge of magical technology. Covering one’s entire body with crystal flower armor can produce a variety of supernatural phenomena. But due to a mistake, Utagai Karuta did not receive that special armor and instead receives power by summoning the obedient crystal girl Aine.

“Sacrifice-sama, how long are you going to tease me? I’m going to enter a rebellious phase at this rate.”

“That isn’t how rebellious phases are supposed to work.”

But at ocean-top Crystal Magic Academy Grimoire, where Karuta and everyone learn crystal magic, an upperclassman from the previous generation has been called in as a guest. That user of god-worshiping magic is known as the world’s strongest, and they step up onto the podium and speak to the entire student body. This begins a clash between the forces of new magic and old magic.

“Every last one of you is incompetent. Thus, Grimoire will be shut down.”

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Apocalypse Witch
Apocalypse Witch Houshoku Jidai no [Saikyou]-tachi e
アポカリプス・ウィッチ 飽食時代の【最強】たちへ
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apatel190 rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: Volume 2
Not a bad read but If I knew beforehand that this was written by the author of magical index then I wouldn't have bothered reading in the first place.

The main premise is meant to be revenge but the story is very light-hearted and very anticlimatic in that it takes something serious and turns it into a joke. In the afterword of volume 1 the author even admits that he originally intended to make the novel more darker but chose not to. Instead there's very cliche one dimensional characters and cliche... more>> anime moments/fan service to fill in the gaps.


everyone at the magic school has special armor and powers but instead the MC can summon an emotionless lolicon



One day lots of people in school are killed, yet the next day the 3 survivors are in a happy mood and two of them want to go bikini shopping (wtf)


The story itself and the world setting have a certain degree of originality and there's a lot of scientific facts mixed with made up jargon <<less
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7eves rated it
May 29, 2021
Status: v3 afterword
A very interesting world paired with a revenge story. It's rare to see Kamachi doing a full out story about revenge. The start was so cliche with it turning into any other highschool fantasy battle story. What was unexpected was the massacre that followed Each volume shows the chilling madness of each character and how their desire for revenge has changed them as well as revealing the secrets of the Apocalypse that is to come. With each volume the satisfaction of watching them get their revenge just keeps getting better... more>> and the cycle of revenge keeps getting bigger. The story is so compelling that the Apocalypse even starts feeling as a background plot even when the enemies keep getting stronger. The question of who is right and who is wrong takes you for a spin. I have been waiting for the next volume for a while now. The third volume gave me shivers. It was thrilling and creepy at the same time it established the characters firmly that they're not the good guys. <<less
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