Albrecht’s Pearl


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Albrecht’s missing pearl was finally found!

“Is that why you’re going to marry me? You might as well take the pearl!”

Louise who had gotten hold of the imperial heirloom without knowing what it was. And Caius was the pearl’s real owner.


Caius’s long fingers lifted the tip of Louise’s chin.
He smiles arrogantly, looking straight down into two eyes that never fail to drop a single tear.

“That’s all I have for my mother’s one and only relic, my mother’s heart would break if she heard.”

As soon as the arsenic disappeared, their lips fiercely overlapped. The man’s dry gaze was bored as it moved away from her narrow mouth.

“Are you sufficiently defiled to marry me as planned?”

She had the pearl, he owned her.
The math was too simple for Caius to back down.

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알브레히트의 진주
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