Against the Fate


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Haggling, Gambling, Bravery or Outsmarting? How to distinguish which is good and which is evil? Who is the true ruler? On the Eternal Planet, the truth only lies within the hands of the most powerful ones! But the Great Swindling Master will give them a magic show!

Author Note: Readers who not familiar with or not exposed to League of Legends (LOL), do not worry, this is an “Avengers union with X-Men” world. LOL readers are also welcome to familiarize themselves with criticism.

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Date Group Release
05/09/19 China LN c34
05/04/19 China LN c33
05/01/19 China LN c32
07/25/18 AuraRealm c31
07/25/18 AuraRealm c30
06/19/18 AuraRealm c29
06/15/18 AuraRealm c28
06/11/18 AuraRealm c27
06/10/18 AuraRealm c26
06/01/18 AuraRealm c25
05/29/18 AuraRealm c24
05/25/18 AuraRealm c23
05/18/18 AuraRealm c22
05/14/18 AuraRealm c21
05/11/18 AuraRealm c20
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