After the Death of the Eldest Sister-in-Law, She Remarried


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After enduring the hardships and finally becoming a famous actress, Yun Qinghuan unexpectedly opened her eyes to find herself transmigrated into the role of a deceased elder sister-in-law in a period drama.

In this particular historical drama, Yun Qinghuan’s remarriage led to a tragic fate – she died after having a son, leaving the three-year-old as the story’s main antagonist. Eventually, the child turned heaven and earth upside down, only to meet his demise in the end.

The audacious mastermind behind this major antagonist was none other than Bai Naihan, the silent and seldom-seen man in Yun Qinghuan’s life.

Facing pressure from her family to marry and her mother-in-law’s matchmaking attempts, Yun Qinghuan looked at the taciturn man and said, “Why don’t we just fake a marriage?”

Tired of everyone scheming about her marriage day by day, she found it annoying!

The man pondered for a moment, then looked at her with deep eyes, saying nothing.

Thinking her absurd suggestion would be rejected, Yun Qinghuan was surprised when the next day, the man took her to register their marriage.

The society said that Granny Liu must have plotted this!

Everyone expected a joke, thinking that the ill-fated Yun Qinghuan would eventually leave the disabled Bai Naihan.

Even Yun Qinghuan herself believed this marriage wouldn’t last, planning secretly to escape from this family, away from the main antagonist and the powerful figure behind him, to avoid becoming cannon fodder one day.

But who would have thought that this marriage, dismissed by everyone, would become increasingly stable?

Yun Qinghuan, the supposed jinx, turned into a successful film director!

Bai Naihan became a big boss, showering Yun Qinghuan with affection!

The society who was waiting for a joke: “…”

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