After Becoming the Daughter of a Wealthy Family, the Big Shot Went Wild


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The lost daughter of the Su family, who had been missing for over ten years, has been found!

It is said that this daughter is a bumpkin who doesn’t understand anything…

The owner of an international luxury brand store: The designated designer for high-end luxury brands, and you’re saying she knows nothing?

Some say she is an illiterate woman who has never attended school for a day in her life…

A retired professor from a certain university: My outstanding student is illiterate?! Then what does that make all of you? tr*sh?

At the banquet, Mr. Shao held a somewhat bashful figure in his arms and said to everyone: “My Xixi is gentle and has a kind heart, so please don’t bully her.”

A wealthy second-generation person, who was lying in the hospital after being beaten by her: …Mr. Shao, I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of ‘gentle.’

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