A 30-Year-Old Corporate S*ave Gets Dragged into Hero Summoning ~ Expelled for Not Being a Hero, But Only I Awaken to the Ultimate Status. It’s Too Late to Ask Me to Come Back Now ~


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On the last train, I was ridiculed as a bottom-tier corporate s*ave by a university couple, and then I was summoned as a hero.

It seems I was just dragged into this, and the heroes were only the two university students.

“Hehehe… What’s with that status, lol.”

“Hey mister, whether here or there, being a loser seriously sucks, lol.”

The two heroes openly mock me.

“If you’re not a hero, then we don’t need you. Leave the castle immediately.”

Despite being summoned against my will, I’m unjustly expelled for not being a hero.

Even though I wasn’t even given a severance package, I despair in this otherworldly city…

“Secret status? What’s this?”

The hidden status awakens.

As it turns out, I come to realize that I am the talent that the royal family needs.

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