Will I End Up As a Hero or a Demon King


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One day, Yuto Mamiya, a salesman who used to be an addicted gamer, was pulled into a mysterious space with the words, “I found you”.

He discovered that it was a gateway to another world, but the only two otherworldly abilities he gained were the ability to “become young again” and “see status screens”.

Without any cheat skills, he found himself thrown into a completely unknown world.

Why exactly was he “found” and brought to that place?

In a new world where weapons, skills, and magic were at play, he had the game knowledge and perseverance to play to the point of earning the dishonorable title of “God of Ruins”.

And with the knowledge from his working years, where he had never neglected his efforts even though he had no talent, he took the first step towards survival.

Associated Names
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Ikitsuku Saki wa Yuusha ka Maou ka
Ikitsuku saki wa yūsha ka maō ka moto hai pureiyā ga sei ku i sekai kōryaku-ki
行き着く先は勇者か魔王か 元・廃プレイヤーが征く異世界攻略記
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New ThomschK
September 10, 2023
Status: c29
I am confused. While reading this I was reminded of a story I´ve read a year or two ago. The reviews filled the gaps. This story was translated to 280/ 290 for months back then and I bookmarked it but its all gone. Now it has been picked up by another MTL group. (Machine translations typically have issues with him/her. Maybe the translators native language doesn´t use gender at all and he is just struggling with such things) Its fine to translate however you can. I am just confused... more>> why the old translations are gone. <<less
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Nightbringer rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c60
Okay so in the first 60 chapters he managed to say sorry for existing to about every single character in the novel introduced up to that point. He also behaves like a 13 y.o kid. Supposedly a functioning member of society a rather successful 32 y.o man that got "rejuvenated". Just make him a kid if you can't portray an adult. I don't know what the other reviewer read but it 100% wasn't this novel.

His first encounter with the goddesses went on like this. He though to himself they are beautiful and got Darth Vader force choked for it as a form of divine punishment then started screaming sorry. That was in a form of an oracle. Then came the second meeting with one of the goddesses this time in person and in about 10 sentences he did dogeza for even daring to breathe (small exaggeration unfortunately very very small).

So yeah please stop giving me false hope in the reviews I was duped into reading this because I thought he wasn't your typical japanese protagonist.

Translation is okay.
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mortariam rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: --
I read the Raw novel until the the last released chapter (438) and it's pretty good, the protagonist is not a naive, dumb, lucky, optimist brat that somehow, by the power of deus ex machina and plot armor can survive anything and get away with it withever thinking about it.

He have some cheats, I don't know if it counts as a spoiler because how early they appear in the story, but I will post as spoilers below.

... more>>

He can steal skills and skill exp from what he kills, he can see his own status as numbers (normal people and gods can't see them, they can only know their skills) and he can freely allocate skill points (for normal people is auto-mode and only in the church), but in exchange he can't gain or change his job.


Heavy spoilers below.


He later gain unique powers from the goddesses, that from start were just observing him because he is an anomaly, but later started to like him because he is the only one that is not below them and he talk to them face a face like they were normal people and not a target of worship. So he made a goddesses harem.


He think before acting, have a sense of danger (a questionable one, but still exist), and do not hesitate to crush whatever bullsh*t the people tries to do and to retaliate with brute force without a single drop of mercy.

Heavy spoilers below.


Like when he was betrayed during a dragon boss raid battle because less people=less money to share, he annihilated the entire betrayer group without batting an eye.


He has a strong sense of justice and do not hesitate to hunt down whatever being that he considers "evil" and the best part is that he know that he is just self-justifying himself just to remove what he finds unpleasant and do not give a shit.

Mildly? Spoilers below.


He actively hunt down any bandits that he can for skill exp.


The story takes a bit of time to the protagonist go to the OP mode, but every step can be felt, and in general it's a pretty good novel to read

I can't say anything about the translation quality because there is only 2 chapters now, but for now it is okay? <<less
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January 21, 2023
Status: c438
I have read this novel from start to end, it was fun, although it did have some harem elements it is not the typical one where his harem follows him all over the place.

Main points for:

He started at Zero, struggled to survive, and though he did have a very broken skill which was at first thought of as just status display, it turned our that it absorbed the experience points of skills of anything he killed, be it monster or human. It is not a plunder or steal skill but... more>> more like depending on skill level he gains XP from skills possessed by his targets and gain it after killing a certain number of targets that have the skill.

It was also told by the goddessess managing the world that the way he gains skills is not far from what normal people from that world gain skills, and the only difference is that his experience gathering is more optimized and unlimited.

He also is not an unstoppable monster that usual MC's of this type of genre become. He had to face challenges and monster far too powerful than him that despite reaching the top levels of power, he is still over and over told by the world that he is still not at the top.

All in all, it is a fun story that do follow some of the usual tropes but blend it in a different way. <<less
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FleetingCloud rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: c438
I have read the raws and find this novel interesting...
In summary and a little bit of spoiler:

... more>>

The MC didn't start with anything other the things he carry, barely surviving and doing his best to live, after learning that he could become stronger by defeating monsters, he continued to grind until he could do things on a stable state. He is a hard core grinded and focused solely on his grinding in the early part of the story, until a certain encounter.

The managers of the world, the Goddesses summoned him on their realm and was about to end his life, he was about to be killed without even understanding why, even after doing his best to survive, and slowly gaining power to live. Being the MC, he was of course allowed to live but not after pleading for his life.

After that point, it was a continuation of challenging stronger monsters to gain more skill and adventurer work, he didn't become an almighty existence like every normal MC become after a few chapters but actually doing the work of painstakingly hunting what he needed.

And the most interesting part is that the world is not so lenient enough to simply let him become the strongest, as he encountered people and monsters far beyond what he could understand and with a power that he couldn't even fathom to reach. He would definitely reach it one day but as the story had gone so far, he is only on a level that he would be strong against normal humans, definitely among the strongest.

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Fish009 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: c443
I hate harem with a passion, but this isn't really a harem. The "harem" somehow sticked to MC, but they mostly do their own stuff without him, so I find it much more tolerable. Plus, the mc's group has some male characters, so it balanced everything out.

Basically, it's a story of MC travelling to different countries to hunt and get stronger along the way, meeting new people too. Some of them become somewhat relevant characters, reasonable characters.

World building is.... well it's there, it doesn't feel like a one of a... more>> kind fantasy world, but it's definitely not just "japanese culture+magic". I can tell the author put a lot of thought into the geology of things, maybe he can go deeper in terms of culture, but the MC mostly focuses on hunting monsters and the only foreign people he interacts with are adventurers. It's logical tho, the world and background makes sense, it's just that I would appreciate it if the author goes further. But MC only travelled a small part of the continent, there are still many opportunities

Power progression is nice, the author makes it almost impposibly difficult to max out skills, which is nice since maxxing out everything early on takes away the tension in fights. And up to the newest chapter there is still no fight between MC and one of the strong countries or people from those countries. So basically MC still can grow stronger even when he is somewhat op, which is awesome <<less
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RedCobra75 rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c439
it's not about being hero or demon lord the story is about MC helping the goddess develop the world also get stronger, very focus to world building, adventuring, hunting, and new country explorations.

so as you espected the story is very slow with a lot of chapters to read.

MC got kitnap by misterious god and just thrown into random forest without any skill and explainations, MC try to survive, grain skill also level up.

i like the interaction MC with the 6 goddess, like the goddess so much they are best girl... more>> and have unique characters " waifu material "specially alicia you will feel sad to her later.

what make this series good is MC and every goodess get character development, but very slow, until reach chapter 170. MC learn not to be naive using earth common sense because it does not working in other world common sense, the goddess learn more how bad the underworld situations.

the real plot of the story and thing getting very serious until chapter 175 that is why I said the story a bit slow to start.


the world si abandon by Ferza God of Creations because he give up, loki was summon for the last rezort because how mess up the world is because Enless War and the s*upid Evil 4 Heroes ruling the world doing anything they want, so be prepare for tragic story suddenly coming be cause it hit really really hard (you will not prepare to see a very angry loki).

. <<less
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AvidRottenWaterReader rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: c18
It's OK, definitely NOT 5 stars at all, even for an isekai.

Typical Japanese excessive internal monologuing and explaining. The MC is sorta just adventuring around, monologuing about the monsters, attacks, having other characters info dump about the world. Really REALLY not 5 stars...

Good your bored read though.
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