We Don’t Open Anywhere


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“I’ll protect you with my magic.”

The person who spoke those cryptic words to me was none other than our school’s preeminent beauty, Miki Kouzuki. When I started going out with her, the world surrounding me suddenly began moving.

“Ahh… I wanna kill someone.”

“Chains? I’m not sure I see any chains to speak of…”

My delinquent best friend, our straight-laced class representative, not to mention me and Miki… As we all start to break, the place we arrived at was—

Note: Originally released in 2005 without the subtitle, Mikage rewrote and re-released the novel in 2016 with new illustrations by Yoshitoshi Abe.

Associated Names
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Bokura wa Dokonimo Hirakanai -There are no facts, only interpretations.
We Don't Open Anywhere -There are no facts, only interpretations.-
僕らはどこにも開かない - There are no facts, only interpretations.-
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1 afterword (end)
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c11
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c10
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c9
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c8
11/23/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c7
11/17/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c6
11/16/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c5
11/15/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c4
11/15/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c3
11/14/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c2
11/13/17 Baka-Tsuki v1c1
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crimsoniv0j rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: Completed
This is ridiculously good!! It was a crazy read. The thrill, horror, hatred, denial and more complicated emotions in one novel. Its a short one but the impression really last long. It was so deep. I felt scared and excited at the same time reading this one. It was awesomely written, I wonder how the author wrote this one. The situations, the angst are perfectly discribed and executed. I felt like I became a lunatic while Im reading this, you can feel the emotions rubbing you hard, making you feel... more>> you were the one experiencing the situations itself. I really recommend this. From the beginning till the end. Perfectly written. Really. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
derpotatoes rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a really good novel about relationships, depression, and projection, written by the same author of Hakomari. I recommend you to read it until the end, because the first few chapters are somewhat misleading, and it has a nice ending (for me at least).

This deserves to be rated higher.
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September 8, 2018
Status: --
This novel is about a slice of life story with murder cases and how the characters feel, react and change according to the circumstances around their lifes.

What is special about this? The characters use metaphors to express their feelings and there are also a lot of different metaphors to describe their personalities.

I would describe the writing style as art. These kind of novels are really not my cup of tea, so I will not rate it. If you like the above mentionend points I'm sure you will enjoy this novel.
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