Until My Girl Friend Who Said, “Let’s Be Friends Forever, Okay?” Stops Being My Friend


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Your game friend, whom you mistook for a man, is actually a shy girl with a complex over her white hair!?

A frustrating coming-of-age love comedy about a reclusive girl!

“Schwarz was a girl………..?”

Yuuma and Schwarz are partners in an online game. But when they meet face to face in real life…he finds out that “he” is a shy girl!

They decided to try making friends for her, who has never been able to because of her naturally white hair complex. He attempts to avoid betraying her by trusting her “as a friend,” but the unconscious and intimate skinship gradually makes him aware of her as the opposite sex.

A sweet and frustrating coming-of-age story is intertwined with a shy, white-haired beauty in this story.

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