Oya ga Saikon. Koibito ga Ore wo, “Onii-chan” to Yobu yo ni Natta


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We can’t show this to our step-mother now, can we, Onii-chan?

Having his hidden affection bear fruit as he begins dating Torii Neneka, a classmate and a member of the same club (the book club) the high school student Morita Daiki is now in a dilemma.

Well it would be very well so, since after his mother got remarried, his lover now suddenly became his “step-sister.”

Fearing that strict rules would be imposed on them if their parents found out that they both were dating, they decide to pretend as being brother and sister on the outside.

However, the feelings of both living under the same roof grew bigger as time went on…?

“You cant kiss anyone but me, okay?”

This is the story about the lovey-dovey life of a new couple who was now each other’s stepsibling.

Associated Names
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Oya ga saikon. Koibito ga Ore wo「Onii-chan」to yobu youni natta
Parents Remarried. My Lover Started Calling Me "Onii-chan"
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Date Group Release
04/21/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 ss
04/15/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part10
04/08/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part9
04/08/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part9
04/08/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part7
03/30/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part6
03/18/23 Zetro Translation v1c3 part5
09/29/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part5
09/22/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part4
09/17/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part3
09/17/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part2
09/08/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part1
09/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part10
09/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part9
08/24/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part8
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2 Reviews

Jan 19, 2023
Status: v1c3 ss
I'm conflicted, I try to like it, I think it had potential, MCs are quite forward with their behavior, don't beat around the bush but there are some parts that are so infantile that my teeth hurts. Some obstacles in their relationship are too artificial but this are limitations that have to be made without stepping into R-18 category, it's just execution that is not satisfying for someone who knows all the cliches.

Ah, and I'm still baffled that guys in such novels are treating themselves like potential mr. Hydes without... more>> shred of self control, "oh no, if I would be with her alone I would totally go out my character and devour her!" it really is hurting image of males. <<less
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Dec 09, 2023
Status: v2
A really cute story. Female lead is sweet, innocent and pretty proactive while the male lead isn't a wimp but has self restraint.

The story progresses sweetly. There is some miscommunication happening b/w them but they resolve it in the same volume.

Also both volumes have been fully translated by another translation group (akiyoaki. Wordpress). I'm not sure why they're not embedded in this page.
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