Too Late To Say I Love You


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Dashing Mu Rong Feng had a chance encounter with Yin Jing Wan and was surprised to see the beautiful girl again when she plead with him to save her fiancé, Xu Jian Zhang. Mu Rong Feng agreed to help Yin Jing Wan as she saved him before during their first meeting. Mu Rong Feng fell for Yin Jing Wan as time goes by and after Xu Jian Zhang is released, Mu Rong Feng vow to make Yin Jing Wan his even if she is already engaged to marry her fiancé.

How many times in a lifetime can one find their true love? Yin Jing Wan broke off her engagement with Xu Jian Zhang and fall out with her parents in order to be with Mu Rong Feng. However, Mu Rong Feng is force to make a decision between his country and his beloved woman; during a time of war and chaos, will their love become tragedy and will it be too late by the time you want to say the words ‘I Love You’?

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