The Summoner Called Abominable


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A baby whose parents abandoned as an “abomination” in a forest where demons are rampant.

He was picked up by the spirits that have lived in the forest since ancient times and were raised and loved like family and friends.

In growing up, he comes to have unique thoughts and abilities that are far removed from the common sense of humans.

Some say that he should use his abilities for good deeds.

Those who try to use it for themselves.

Those who fear the ability and try to eliminate it.

What will he think, and what will he do in the outside world where various thoughts intersect?

This is the story of a summoner called the Abominable Child…

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Imiko to Yobareta Shoukanshi
The Summoner Who was Despised as 'Shunned Child'
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Date Group Release
02/25/21 Fujiboy Translations v1c4
02/19/21 Fujiboy Translations v1c3
02/19/21 Fujiboy Translations v1c2
02/09/21 Fujiboy Translations v1c1
02/09/21 Fujiboy Translations prologue
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vannn rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: v1c3
I'm am holding off making judgements on the story itself, it starts off as your run of the mill JP fantasy story with some wish fulfillment, but the translation itself seems to be garbled MTL, making it hard to judge the story further. The "translator" didn't even bother to edit most likely, the "translation" reads like it was lifted directly from google. The only word they can translate is Patreon.

Might as well dump the raw into deepl yourself if you are interested in reading this for now.
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felixio rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: v1c5
Reading this is a jarring experience as you have to reword most sentences in your head for them to make sense. I am sure that the translator will become better in the future (looks like English is not his first language).
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