The Rebirth of My Father in the Body of an Aloof Academic Genius


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Two years ago, Lin Chou Sui’s firefighter father sacrificed himself in a fire.

The last conversation between father and daughter ended in a big fight.

Lin Chou Sui woke up crying countless times in her dreams, wishing that if her dad could be reborn, she would obediently listen and never talk back.

Little did she expect that her dad would actually be reborn!

His soul possessed the body of Xiao Yan, the academic god of their high school.

Xiao Yan excelled in both character and academics. His total scores never dipped below 700. All the girls at their high school knew: getting into Tsinghua or Peking University was easy, getting close to Xiao Yan was difficult.

But Lin Chou Sui noticed that recently, the way Xiao Yan looked at her was very strange. His aloofness contained deep affection; his affection…was full of fatherly love?

So Lin Chou Sui’s daily life became:

Before exams, Xiao Yan would give her his notes to copy.

During her period, Xiao Yan would brew her red date tea and cook porridge.

Bad boys who blocked her path and harassed her would get kicked flying by Xiao Yan.

Lin Chou Sui was very touched. Other than her dad, no one had treated her this well.

On a hot afternoon, Xiao Yan sat with Lin Chou Sui on the stairwell to do homework, his gaze tender beyond words.

A light breeze blew by. The youth was about to lean in to kiss her.

Suddenly, a cold, icy male voice sounded in his mind:

“Young Xiao, may I ask what you intend to do with my daughter?”

Xiao Yan: ……


Xiao Yan crawled out from the mud. Beneath his cold and aloof appearance was a sinister and vindictive nature.

To climb from the lowliest dust to the summit out of reach, the path was filled with thorns. For this purpose he would stop at nothing, sparing no cost.

However, all the darkness and gloom in his life ended with that one strange encounter…

From then on, the skies cleared and his dead end led to new life.

A sinister genius boy meets a muddled Failure girl

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New yampaste
November 12, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a really, really, well-written and concise story about loss, grief, and how it can impact your life without you knowing.

A story about growth and coming out of depression from the perspective of teenagers.

I really love each character's dynamic and plot - every one is broken in a different way and every one heals in a different way together.

Pack your softest tissues because you won't be able to stop sobbing!
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August 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Completed reading through MTL. The story premise made me want to finish this in one sitting, and honestly the whole idea was good. Touching, even. There wasn’t a chapter when I didn’t cry.

The only downside is that the story seems to be rushed. Like the world building is lacking, the characters were not given enough screentime, and the ending was rushed. Would have loved it even more had the author really built the world well and fleshed out characters to make me cry uglier. 4.5/5!
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YouToon rated it
October 5, 2023
Status: Completed
A stripped down coming of age romance whose core is the story of escaping grief and finding the love you need to keep going. Grief from the loss of a beloved parent. Grief from a miserable childhood. Love between strangers turned siblings. Love between parents and child. Love between two people who make each other strive to improve the areas they are weakest in while appreciating each other's strength.

The characters are well developed and their interactions read very realistic. The story could have been more detailed and continue on for... more>> dozens more chapters. Instead the author focused on getting the essentials of the story and message without drowning it in fun filler or melodramatic backstory. Thats both a strength and my biggest criticism. This would definitely make a great school age drama.

Highly recommend for anyone in the mood for youthful hijinks, a parents unconditional love, sweet teenage romance and a ton of killer banter. <<less
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dewey rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: c60
I really enjoyed this novel! At least for me, it didn’t feel rushed I like when novels of this kind are 60 chapters however I would’ve liked more chapters on their adult lives as extras.
The most charming thing about this novel is the comedy, the teenagers act like they’re teenagers. It’s also realistic, FL and ML are not OP as teenagers, they have to face family, academic and friend issues.
Another thing I liked was the relationship between FL and her step brother, in general the relationships within this... more>> novel are just like real life.
As another reviewer stated, translation sometimes got mixed up but you can still understand it. A big thank you to the translator for translating this novel! <<less
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Onymous rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: --
Good story! Albeit at the end, it was pretty rushed.

... more>>

There's a timeskip to 5 years where they are working adults now. At that time. ML and FL separated. (Warning: long rant/spoiler ahead)

I kinda don't like how they got back together that easily. ML left her hanging. Didn't even bother to contact her through those 5 years.

Although he did have his reasons. Apparently, he felt insecure that he was too poor. So he wanted to become something first before he pursued her. But the logic is quite flawed especially when he's already such a bigshot for quite some time before he started pursuing her again. He only even met her accidentally when she was at that restaurant with a blind date. Brings the question if he'll even start pursuing then if he hadn't met her.

Idk, maybe my ideology is too idealist. But the fact that he left her hanging because he wanted to become rich and stable for her isn't that romantic when the FL was so sad since she thought he gave up on her. She spent 5 years silently in heartbreak. And just like that they got back together because the ML became so shameless and clingy and can't take no for an answer. At least he should have pursued her sincerely like that Qi Nan guy who spent a few years by her side rejection after rejection. But maybe the author wanted to end it sooner, so she/he probably made them reconcile faster.

but yeah, as you can see from above, I'm kind of ranting with how they separated and got back together after 5 years like the heartbreak didn't even occur.


Overall, though, it's a solid 4 for me. If it were't for the rush ending, it would've been 5! Some wrong names and pronouns in the TL in some chapters but majority of it is goode! <<less
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Tastastix rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Like begonenias said, it's pretty rushed, but still a relatively solid plotline with good character development.

Xiao Yan is a breath of fresh air among Chinese webnovel MLs. Yes, he's got that cold and aloof factor, but he also knows how to act cute and sell pity to get Lin Chusui. We got to experience his struggles alongside him instead of just in his memories. LCS herself does well in maturing and coming to terms with her grief. It's very moving.

Dad didn't play as big a role as I had expected,... more>> which is kind of a relief, but also somewhat disappointing.

The translation mixes up the names and pronouns occasionally, which can make it confusing, but definitely can be overlooked.

Overall, a solid 4/5 for what it is. <<less
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