The Quick Transmigration of the Supporting Female Lead: Everything Goes as She Wishes


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Born as a space beast, Shi Chu possessed a strong sense of self-preservation and was inherently selfish. She revelled in luxury, indulging in fine food and clothing. She rejected phrases like “suffering is a blessing,” “those who can work harder should,” and “self-sacrifice for others is true love.” Regardless of her circumstances or memories, she vowed to live life on her terms, refusing to be a stepping stone or cannon fodder for others.

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Fast Wear Female Supporting All Things Considered
Quick Transmigration: Supporting Female Leads with Everything at Will
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New Blithe rated it
May 4, 2024
Status: c1425

This novel is a pretty average QT novel, not very brilliant but engaging enough for me to read it nearly to the end.

Shi Chu is basically an alien who travels between worlds so it's basically a world hopping novel minus a system. She basically goes around enacting revenge for the bodies she resides in in each world and stays in that world till the lifespan of the body is over. Her life as an alien is basically summarized in the first paragraph of the novel. Do I like the MC... more>> ? Well, I'm neutral towards her. She has good and bad traits.

What I liked:

MC's carefree nature. In most arcs all she does is removing herself from the picture and those who hurt the OG soul of the bodies she resides in destroys themselves. That's satisfying to read.

I agree with some of her opinions and choices she makes.

I like that there is (hopefully) no final ML where it turns out all the men she had a relationship with in different worlds were the same soul or smth. It's a recycled trope I have a personal beef with. You're meaning to tell me that a, what, 2000 something year old woman who lived multiple lives have to stay loyal to one man? If the genders were reversed no one will have any qualms about a man hooking up with different women in different worlds or even the same world.

I like the chill premise of the story. There are no big villains to date that MC had to struggle with. So in a way reading this novel was actually relaxing.

What I disliked:

I can't connect with the MC. I don't really know her past, I don't really know much of why is she is how she is and I don't really understand why she does things she does. I think a likeable and/or interesting MC is basically the most important attribute of a good novel

I don't like some of the generalizations this novel makes like women is this women is that. I've seen this phenomenon in other Chinese novels as well and I dislike it.

While I appreciate her salted fish character the MC doesn't stand up and take charge when she has opportunities to do so and some arcs are dissatisfying.

Most arcs do not end properly. There were times when I didn't know where one arc ended and one arc started.

Ok personal rant time:


This novel had the most ancient world arcs than any QT novel I've ever read and not even once did the MC take matters into her own hands and try to rule the world. After reading all the ancient world arcs, I once again had this deep realisation of how women were treated like s*aves in ancient times in any country. If you were beautiful you were a disaster, if you were ugly you were a disaster. You were the property of your father when you are born and after you're married you belonged to your husband and then your son. These women were so brainwashed they never got to know what freedom really feels like. This novel inadvertently made me think deeply about how far we as women have come and how far we still have to go.


Anyways, this novel is pretty average in my opinion. It's alright. I gave it 4 stars mainly because I really like the translation group. <<less
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