The Friendly Wedding


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A man-hater named Sapphire married a super ‘friendly’ guy named Johann for the sake of getting her inheritance. The two of them get along. She exempted him from her wrath against men. This is because they are ‘Friends’. Until almost every day he was always topless inside their house. She also noticed that he was ‘flirting’ with her. But he only said, “I’m not flirting with you. No malice, please. We’re friends.”

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The Friendly Wedding Season 1
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Kalmaegi rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: --
Ever since my sister discovered that this wattpad story was being translated here, I've been curious. Especially with how the translator will tackle the gay lingo and slang she mentioned. So far, I can see the smatterings of Filipino slang ("As if!" "Mukha mo") and it's so fun catching those and knowing what it meant. Chinese novels tend to make me feel lost since even when it is adapted to English by the average amateur translator, there's still that lingering colloquialism and expressions that makes it hard for the non-native... more>> readers to make sense of the context and the witty jokes end up lost in translation.

Anyway, having this novel here makes me curious of the original story and how the translated work fares with it. Nowadays, we have PSICOM Publishing with its dubious quality and POP FICTION with its quality check and English translation for aspiring Filipino writers on wattpad wishing to be published. So yeah, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one! <<less
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