Nishino – The Boy At The Bottom Of The School Caste And Also At The Top Of The Underground


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Nishino Gokyou, the dull faced highschooler in the middle of the school caste, and the one with the greatest abilities in the neighborhood. While caring about his appearance, he spends everyday burying himself in his work that makes use of his ability. He has deemed this life of solitude as acceptable. However, those days would not last. The fall of his second year, the virgin recognized the preciousness of youth through the culture festival. He learned of the importance of friendship with the opposite sex. With this, that boy Nishino decides to turn over a new leaf from the simple life he had, along with revising his attitude towards his everyday life, and in order to make a wonderful girlfriend to enjoy his highschool time, he uses every means in his disposal to struggle up the school caste, but the chance of climbing doesn’t look great, this is a, what do you call it, a hard-boiled story (Along with superpowered battles)

Associated Names
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Nishino Gakunai Caste Saikai Ni Shite Inou Sekai Saikyo No Shonen
Tales of Nishino (Original WN name)
テイルズ・オブ・西野 (Original WN name)
西野 ~学内カースト最下位にして異能世界最強の少年~
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Gin_Hindew rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: v1c5
A fresh novel of social struggle, personal growth and superpowers, with an incidental amount of loli

The MC is a highschooler who has superpowers and kills criminals for a living, but that part has little relevance for the story, is more of a reason to have the MC avoid the contrived shenanigans of a regular highschool drama and reinforce some of his characteristics

The MC is a loner because of his below average appearance and his hitman job increased this factor without being a problem in his everyday life, he also... more>> lives alone because he can afford it and after so many jobs he has developed a very resilient mentality, because of this when the beautiful loli approaches him he knows its for business and that's why he has no interest in her (you know, the average boy-meets-pretty-and-mysterious-girl trope) so, the hitman job is not just to make him look cool but to explain why he will and will not do some stuff in his life

The breaking point comes when he realizes that he is living a path that will end up in himself becoming a lone and uncaring adult, not sad but also not happy and decides to act and become a person more suited to the life he wants to live, an MC who realizes he has flaws and works towards changing himself, thats what this seems to be about

The chapters are long and the narration focuses a lot on the inner minds of people, a simple conversation is increased by explaining what people wants and how they are pushing their desires on the social interaction to achieve it, a mind game kind of novel but focused on high school socialization, very recomendable <<less
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LTigh rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: v3c10
Started out with a promising premise, but the execution starts to falter somewhere around the middle of the second volume.

MC is a sperg who just happens to be the world's top assassin/superpowered being and a 16 year old. Unfortunately, his spergy-ness has caused him to become a social pariah who constantly gets sh*t on by his classmates. The only reason he hasn't gone full-on Colorado High-School Shooter is because

  2. He gets to blow off stress killing contracted targets, rather than his shitty classmates
  3. He's a sperg, so he misreads the situation anyway and doesn't seem to realize half the time that he's being sh*t on.
So yeah, thanks to the title of the novel and the premise the author has clung to with a death-grip (bottom of the School... more>> Caste), there's a lot of contrived plot bullsh*t designed to keep him at the bottom of the social pecking order, where normally his actions would have at least gotten him some acceptance from his fellow classmates (saving the "heroine, " a fellow assassin/agent who's at the top of the school hierarchy, saving a famous musician who later comes in to help with the stereotypical school concert as a favor to the MC, saving his classmate from getting raped by some yakuza, etc., etc., etc..).

Instead, due to the author's treatment of the MC as a cosmic chew-toy, turns out the "heroine" is yandere for the MC and is the person who plotted the MC's social downfall to make him dependent on her "love, " the famous musician's become a little gay for the MC himself (but more tsundere than yandere), and the classmates constant misinterpretations of the MC's actions render his good deeds into more fodder for bullying him.

Every character is unsympathetic at best, a total f*ckwad at worst, save our sperg MC and his bartender "handler"/friend, Marquis.

So yeah, sh*t falls apart at volume 2, start to improve a bit in Volume 3 once they shift the setting to the MC's out-of-country assignment, but further clumsy "coincidences" and other bits of contrived plot drag his high-school bullies and the yandere "love interest" that the MC absolutely hates (because he figures out she's the one behind the bullying) into his assignment because of bullsh*t "class trip" trope.

I'll give this a 3/5 for the premise and for the small bits where the author seems to pull his head out of his ass and write something interesting, but seeing his potential and seeing it fall short is quite disappointing. I may check out Volume 4, but it's become a bit of a chore and I personally hate yandere characters, so I may need to walk away from this one for a while. <<less
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March 29, 2019
Status: c3
I've only read 3 chapters so far, but this is extremely promising. It feels like it's trying to be very different and the premise is rather appealing as well. It does a great job of revealing information as needed and keeping the reader in suspense. It's very... interesting. So far it's a solid 5/5.

Tons of potential. Make sure to at least get to chapter 3 when giving this a chance.
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Hurgh rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: v2c7
Cool but misunderstood protagonist with average looks. Humble, rich, strong (annoyingly so, and no explanation as to why).

Add in the bartender w and role later another tool to make MC look like the coolest dude ever.

All other characters exist to belittle and isolate MC. Even "heroine" (?)

Everyone hates him, it's always manipulated to have him look awful to the public. Yandere (see tag, not a spoiler) doesn't make up for it, she just watches and never helps. Everything he does makes everyone more annoyed with him. There's a bit... more>> of NTR I actually tolerated (believe me, I'm normally the first to bail). But looking back at everything in retrospect it all seems unimpressive. Author-kun is trying to hard to have a misunderstood/pariah MC. <<less
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Maou_shoujou rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: v3c10
Nice comedy with really cool and not that dense MC. You may feel a little bit downhearted till the end of second, but it really gets MUCH better later on. That yandere tag is not misplaced at all, main heroine is the best.


You know it is love when they add their love juice to your food!

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Unknownstrange123 rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: v2c1
Rating this novel 3/5 the best I could do. I don't how the author come up with this but this person surely do not know how teenager think and their emotions or maybe he's just following other novel. There no teenager in the world that don't know if their being bullied or not.

the MC live a secluded life, it's okay for him to change but the way he change is to weird, just because you hear someone saying the only girl you know have s*x with someone without evidence. A girl you know in business and nothing more the MC said himself that he's been used countless of times but he still let one girl to order him around. And if he want to change the MC should at least change school do you think a criminal can be treated as a saint where he commit his crime. A person with bad reputation suddenly changing how do you think will they react

everyone has the sin called pride an overpowered person who can killed being trampled is liked a lion being order around by a cat. The translation is good the power system is good but he's like e person that has 0 pride hope it will change it has potential just have to use it right just read atelier Tanaka if you prefer this kind of novel
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Renaxan rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: v2c2
Solid 4 so far for this novel.

The story is about MC who is ugly like tanaka the wizard, but he actually a strong person within underground (imagine mafia stuff, he is hitman who has superpower). He call himself 'futsuu' aka normal. No one know his secret identity above surface.

Character are pretty bland to be honest, without any real deep. For example, MC are bullied person who take anything easy. No one care (his classmate) about his situation although he didnt even bothering anyone. Rose, the first heroine are blonde foreign... more>> loli that pretty much fall to MC because first meet. Other character pretty much has same setting.

Plot, its modern school life setting, involved how MC manage to life as bullied student and profesional hitman. What make me interested and pissed at the same time is how MC pretty much bullied in his class, but he doesnt care any less. No harem fall down from sky like other JP novel despite his secret identity, and rose seems fall for him because his secret identity.

Cons, first would be about MC doesnt have any real target, or ambission. Hr just want to be riajuu. Pretty lax MC. Second, lack of detail about MC job itself, not even MC power explained yet.


As manga reader for this novel, MC power should be psychokinesis, like tatsumaki from one punch man. So overpowered power that nothing intense so far when MC in action. Rose, the heroine power just regeneration. So far only shown to people has special power in this novel


Overall im enjoying this novel than I have been expect. Probably because the novel has modern setting with hidden real power MC calling my inner chuuni xD <<less
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