My Wolf Prince


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Her fiancé eloped with the saint. Thus, a new fiancé was presented to Claudia Rosenheim. The new fiancé is the so-called「Wolf Prince」, Isaak Lambertz.

The Wolf Prince had a sharp tongue, was ill-tempered, and was not gentle at all. For as long as they had known each other, they had only quarreled at each meeting.

With a relationship where they fought like dogs and monkeys*, I wonder if they’ll ever get along?

……However, he, who became the fiancé, is now slightly different. Perhaps, he is willing to be kind?

Huh. This seems like it’ll be good.

A new love story beginning with a broken engagement.

*In Japan, dogs and monkeys are often portrayed as two species that just can’t get along like cats and dogs in western cultures.

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Watashi no Ookami Ouji
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06/11/20 Foxaholic c3 part5
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AnotherBoredPerson rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I wonder why there is no review yet? This is a cute, heartwarming novel. Just 22 parts + 2 extras, so pretty short. The story move forward without long lame misunderstanding.

... more>>

When Isaak confessed to Claudia that he already fell in love with her from their first meeting, I "kyaaa kyaaaa"d inside my mind lol. Poor Isaak for having unrequited love to Claudia back then haha


This is really sweet story. But there are some that still bothering my mind. Like, how's Alexis and the saint's fate after they eloping? And the name of Claudia's eldest bro and second older brother never mentioned. Poor them xD

Btw, there is no otome game or reincarnated noble lady here. Try this out for the sweetness~~ <<less
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TheOpMcReader rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: --
This in a heartwarming romance story that is rarely found here and I was lucky to find it. Well I'm typing this because if anyone knows if there's a english translation because I've veen searching man and I really wanna continue the story

  1. Heartwarming stuff 5/5
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