My Wolf Prince


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Her fiancé eloped with the saint. Thus, a new fiancé was presented to Claudia Rosenheim. The new fiancé is the so-called「Wolf Prince」, Isaak Lambertz.

The Wolf Prince had a sharp tongue, was ill-tempered, and was not gentle at all. For as long as they had known each other, they had only quarreled at each meeting.

With a relationship where they fought like dogs and monkeys*, I wonder if they’ll ever get along?

……However, he, who became the fiancé, is now slightly different. Perhaps, he is willing to be kind?

Huh. This seems like it’ll be good.

A new love story beginning with a broken engagement.

*In Japan, dogs and monkeys are often portrayed as two species that just can’t get along like cats and dogs in western cultures.

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Watashi no Ookami Ouji
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Date Group Release
02/26/19 Hirika c2 part4
08/03/18 Hirika c2 part3
06/04/18 Hirika c2 part2
08/13/17 Hirika c2 part1
07/07/17 Hirika c1 part3
06/27/17 Hirika c1 part2
05/11/17 Hirika c1 part1
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