Married? I Have Amnesia, Don’t Lie to Me!


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Shi Nan was surprised when he saw the big boss of the new company. Isn’t this his husband whom he married just a few days ago? But the big boss looked at him with an unfamiliar look: “Who are you? You want to rely on unspoken rules to get ahead, do you even know how much value you have? .”

Shi Nan:? ? ? ? ?
We hugged each other last night, so we don’t know each other today?

Shi Nan found out that Song Linsheng had a problem. He had no memories of the night at day, and no memories of the day at night.

Song Linsheng in the daytime: Stay away from me.
Song Linsheng at night: Come and give me a hug.

One day, Song Linsheng found his marriage certificate in a secret corner of his home, and the marriage partner on it turned out to be the eighteenth line actor who harassed him every day in the company.

Married? Don’t lie to him, he has amnesia.
Song Linsheng asked Shi Nan about his marriage certificate.

Shi Nan glanced at him and said indifferently: “Oh, it’s me, why, do you want a divorce?”
Song Linsheng hesitated, and asked Shi Nan, “Are you willing to have two husbands at the same time?”
Shi Nan: “…” You! I’m afraid you have a misunderstanding of yourself.
Song Linsheng during the day: What did you both do at night?
Song Linsheng at night: What did you two do during the day?
Shi Nan replied in unison: Do those things that made you wear a green hat.

Shi Nan was annoyed by the question, so he pulled Song Linsheng during daytime and Song Linsheng at night into a group and asked him to ask himself.

Associated Names
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已婚? 失忆呢, 别骗我
已婚? 失憶呢, 別騙我
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plainbricks rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I was cheated by the title and summary. I thought this was a fluffy romance story that was going to wash away my high blood pressure from reading too many badly written switch at birth dogblood novels. But no!

This is instead an emotional and touching story about love, forgiveness and moving on. I teared and cried several times reading this. I really should have checked out the author's pen-name before reading. They knifed me gently.

In spite of that, this is actually an extraordinary and lovely sweet romance. Shi Nan is... more>> extremely patient with his husband. It's true love! They really loved each other, still a miracle they did not divorce though (._.)

Every time I thought I knew the full story, the author flipped the situation and exposed more new insights on the characters. Well done author! Your writing is great. Almost all 'plot holes' are covered by the end and everything is properly accounted for. I really really really love this novel and highly recommend it. Definitely going to reread this repeatedly.


Perhaps it is not fair to compare this to the usual feel good novel but the writing and characterisation is much more mature in this novel. The author, in particular, handled the parents well. These parents are in very different and difficult situations and do actually loved their children despite their actions. Their punishments are appropriate without being excessive and I find, to my surprise, sympathising with them. Credits to the author for that. At the end of the day, this is a HE story of acknowledging the past and moving on to live in the present. It's also realistic how ML's trauma doesn't just magically disappear either


Can anyone who completed the novel answer the below? Did I miss this out (Big spoiler)


Who is the aunt related to? The fake or real Shi Haiping? Does she know why her brother changed his name if they are blood related? Is this the only plothole?


I read the translation (to c21) before re-reading the raws from beginning to end. I can't say that the translation is up to my perceived standard (although it's definitely readable) but I will commend the translator as without the translation I will have never discovered this author. Thank you translator! <<less
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Common_people rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: Completed
the story is pretty good. I like it. sometimes it's funny, sad, sometimes it's annoying. If I were the MC, I would probably file for divorce many times. Who wants to have a husband who forgets you every day? but sometimes quite excited, it feels like cheating with someone even though it's your own husband.

The MC seems to be quite patient, has a simple and happy life. but behind it there is also a forgotten past. and ML is the bridge of his memory. ML looks hot and cold, but... more>> cowardly and d*mb d*mb s*upid for me

*Don't want spoilers, don't read.*


ML feels he has multiple personalities. he is in day different from him at night. but actually he's just amnesiac. well, he has amnesia many times because he feels guilty and afraid to face reality in my opinion. And the father MC for a long time actually not his father but...


All the sad things Will pass, it just a memory. So this story is pretty light, because the main thing is the 'now' not the 'pass'. It just like you remember the sad things in the calm warm day. I like how the author end it. <<less
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calledout rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: Completed
wahhhhhhh I believe in love..... ive been so sad lately because of just a lot of things and this was a beautiful and sweet romance to take my mind off of my irl stressors for a good few hours.

... more>>

this novel shows you how you can fall in love with a person not one, not two, but three times. cue deep and heartfelt yearning for a love that transcendental and cute.


the MC and ML are seriously so heartbreakingly cute, even despite some roadbumps along the way! overall really just a feel-good romance that has more depth than initially one might think, plot-wise. solid romance and solid mystery unravelling. a lot of the time I was just eagerly waiting for everything to fall into place, but it wasnt an agonizing wait like sometimes it can be when the readers know all the pieces. cant wait to read the translation! <<less
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bakarutt rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The description is a bit misleading with the timeline, but the general gist of the story is Shi Nan finding out his husband has amnesia and learning how to handle the situation and the mystery/memories associated with it.

The mystery was the key that kept me going initially, but I came to like Shi Nan and Song Linsheng's relationship. Shi Nan's outgoing and straight personality was fun and perfectly contrasted with Song Linsheng's serious yet not-so-serious personality (which is also really fun, lol, the sarcastic quips). The two of them also... more>> have thick faces, so there were quite a few hilarious moments where one's face was thicker than the other. There was a good amount of heartstabbing emotional moments, and I thought the author used amnesia quite well (it was both funny and allowed the story to move forward towards the resolution). Cute couple growth~

The focus of the story was just on the main characters, so the supporting characters were just kind of there (I'm surprised I still remember a few of them by the end of the story). So my rating was also just on the main characters; didn't really take into consideration the setting or background much either (I'm not very familiar with Taiwan, which I believe is the setting, nor the research behind amnesia, which I didn't feel any strong aversion to the author's logic so I was fine with it), just purely how enjoyable the main characters' romance was to read about.

I would definitely reread this story again; now that I know the mystery, I can catch things I might have missed the first read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nctzen rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Did not expext the abundant of plot in this story tbh but appreciate it. The emotional part makes me so invested as well. You though that they are just gonna bury a part down but actually they did resolve it at the end. The fluffy part are only in the front but the even the serious part was hella good. I also loveee how they end the story. It was a perfect ending for DID for me.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fizakhan rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Really loved this novel so much. The novel is so exciting that I couldn't help but MTL it in one day. As one reviewer mentioned the novel is sad at some times and funny at some times. I enjoyed the funny moments very much after a long time I have seen such an interesting, loving and pitiful ML and adorable, strong, loving MC. There relationship from childhood to them meeting and having relationship in adulthood there love, care, thoughtfulness for each other, their interactions I simply loved all of them... more>> and once the translation is completed I will definitely read it again.

Even when having amnesia except in the beginning the ML couldn't bear to hurt the MC and eating his own jealousy everything is interesting in this.

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