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I am the sword and flame of the goddess of justice and light, ‘Ru’.

I am the one who carries out her will, the heretic inquisitor.

I have good buffs, and strong combat power.

This is a sweet job, except for the fact that the goddess is crazy…

“That kid is a heretic judge of ‘Ru’!”

“What? You mean that insane fanatic?”

“I sentence you all to ‘burning at the stake’.”

[The light’s judge, Ru, expresses satisfaction with your execution.]
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레벨업 이단심판관
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HentMas rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c90
Everything WindyWind said is accurate.

It's a competent story with a competent leveling system and his circumstances and how he's playing the "game" to become a "Ranker."

It's a shame WindyWind got bored, because as a set up, it was necessary to make the "connections" of what will happen later on.

His class makes him act like a complete psychopath against what the "church" deems "evil", I'll give a few examples.

... more>>

as he's hunting, he "haves" to hang all the corpses, "haves" to use a skill to draw imagery of his church, "haves" to make a big spectacle of things, because that's how he lvls up his special stat for his special class, if he wins in PVP, he gets a boost IF he subdues the enemy and burns him at the stake... he's literally an inquisitor burning heretics in a VR game where the player "feels" some part of the "damage" they receive


How the other players see him is the whole point of the story.

And the PVP is interesting, the world is starting to reeve up the mystery and dread of "what" is really happening in the game (he basically haves a class that shouldn't exist right now)

yes at lvl 10-20 it falls to the side his class, since he's just starting to lvl up, at 30 is when things get convoluted and interesting and the "seeds" the author has been planting begin to sprout

I'm enjoying it, no one expects the Spanish inquisition. <<less
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Sonudas07 rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c10
The first chapter was interesting but that was it. For the next 10 chapters, the MC just goes about his day without facing any problems or challenges and just does the basic stuff. There is one moment where his job class is given the spotlight but that's it. I really don't like the style of writing in this novel.

... more>>

The author doesn't go in detail about MC "Unique" constitution, he "happens" to know about the most optimal way to speed run his play through and his motives for not joining the guild are very flimsy. Oh, he also happens to be very good at VR combat due to his "PC gaming" experience. Like how does smashing buttons in a PC game give real life combat experience???

And the away the author goes into waaay to much detail about every single game mechanic just feels annoying because it feels like 5 year olds are reading this novel for the first time. You don't need to mention every single time that he has gaming experience to justify his combat capabilities. Also, what was the use of the scene where they showed someone swinging at a dummy 100k times? Like, this didn't need 3 paragraphs to explain the "equality" that the game strives to give every user while the MC "somehow" got a cheat job class. This is hypocrisy at the next level. Give the guy some challenges relating to the "madness" trait associated with his job.

Speaking about his job, what happened to the church where they locked the MC? It was a very good opportunity for the MC to overcome the situation by his "detailed research about this game" but NO, you have the goddesses herself just opening the jail cell for him. And why was the security so lax in a supposed dungeon prison.

Also, what's with the goddess's sense of justice? Robbing a dead player is completely fine but ignoring a stranger (who happens to be female) is not ok? What happened to the craziness that she supposedly shows in her quests? I didn't see it in the activities that the MC does to level up? I thought his affiliation to the goddess of madness will pose a very difficult challenge for the MC while playing the game but I don't see that anywhere. The author is not even trying to follow the basic rules of storytelling.


For the first 10 chapters, I didn't see any conflict introduced at all? Why should I wait till chapter 90 something to actually get to the plot??? If the first 10 or so chapters are like this then does that mean that we are still being "introduced" to the setting for 30 or so chapters? Most novels complete a story arc in that duration. I don't have the patience to wait that long so I am dropping this novel. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c39
Your run of the mill virtual reality mmorpg novel.

Unique op class that sets the world in motion, special world defining quest chain, op combat skills that make everyone woo and aah etc. Pretty much everything that cliche in the genre.

The only thing that was interesting was his op class he got, which forces him to bring justice to evil no matter what. Yet so far this seems to fall on the side, while ur normal random mmorpg farming and questing takes priority, and the class is just a simple... more>> reason to say he's strong enough to level at stronger areas.

Maybe this novel will get better later, but I just got so bored of it and couldn't go on. Is worth a try tho. <<less
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