Kimi no Wasurekata wo Oshiete


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I’m dying, but you still won’t forgive me.

“With half a year remaining――I’m going to die as is.”

Dropping out of college and becoming a NEET, Matsumoto, Shuu, who felt it wasn’t worth living anymore, visited his alma-mater through the invitation of his long time friend, Tomi-san.

That was where he met his childhood friend turned celebrity, Kiriyama, Sayane… The wheel of fate turns for Shuu once again.

A heroine who is lonely despite being a prodigy, a protagonist who strives to become a normal person. Though different from each other, both will be drawn together through the ups and downs of their youth.

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Tell me How to Forget about You
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12/31/19 Yado Inn v1 prologue part1
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