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When Imperial Admiral Song Shiming defeated the enemy, the people thought that he would receive the Supreme Medal of Honor of the Empire. However, the emperor only appointed him a measly marriage–

With an orphaned, worthless omega.

Everyone knows that this is a political conspiracy!

They accused the innocent omega of being involved in this vortex with the ruthless monarch to pit the general; but they didn’t know that behind what they couldn’t see, the little omega was being tenderly hugged by the alpha, who was vying at him for more than ten years, licking away the tears that spilled out from being loved by him excessively..

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Đế Quốc Chỉ Hôn Chỉ Nam
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BambooTriangle rated it
January 20, 2023
Status: Completed
I just read it today and then I saw novel page on Novel updates. It's very sweet and cute, many misunderstandings but not much conflict.

MC is a

... more>>

Poor orphaned white rabbit omega with pheromones of gardenia flower. He's very afraid of getting rejected and shy.


ML is a


White tiger alpha with cold face and a soft heart. His pheromones are smell of rain, petrichor. He fell in love with MC ten years ago (me, realising MC was 8 years old at that time......) and been pining for him since then. He's afraid of scaring little omega and loses, so he acts all cold and uninterested.


I think the side couple was really funny and MCs friend ready to drag him to Civil Affairs Bureau for instant divorce was hilarious. The two omegas both have 1000 points of drama in their heads and all that is in their husband's heads is their little wife. Cute..... <<less
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D_D_M rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good. It's more of smut than romance. The misunderstanding between MC and ML will be cleared out early.

Its recommended for those who like smut. Just 25 chapter and if I am not wrong there must be one extra chapter.

Lots of Love ❤.
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