Immemorial Sword Venerable


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This is the story of a man and a sword! The red dust is three thousand feet, and the glass is dyed with fragrance. The group of men competed in a deer, and the sword was in the palm of the hand. The true meaning of the sword, the secret of the immortality, recasting the road to heaven with the blood and refining the sword scriptures with hundreds of millions of lives. Everything is in the ancient swords.

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04/29/20 Babel Realm c100
04/28/20 Babel Realm c99
04/27/20 Babel Realm c98
04/24/20 Babel Realm c97
04/23/20 Babel Realm c96
04/19/20 Babel Realm c95
04/13/20 Babel Realm c94
04/12/20 Babel Realm c93
04/10/20 Babel Realm c92
04/09/20 Babel Realm c91
04/07/20 Babel Realm c90
04/06/20 Babel Realm c89
04/05/20 Babel Realm c88
04/04/20 Babel Realm c87
04/03/20 Babel Realm c86
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