I’m A Corporate S*ave, But A Dragon Suddenly Became Attached To Me, So I’ll Start Streaming As A Pet Owner ~ My Dream Is To Have A Monster Ranch In The Countryside! ~


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As a corporate s*ave at a black company, Joji Makise leads a miserable life. On his way home from work, Joji finds an injured baby dragon. After treating its injury, the dragon becomes attached to Joji ――

The existence of dungeons and monsters has become commonplace, but Joji is the first person in the world to tame a dragon. When he starts livestreaming the dragon he named Ohagi, it becomes incredibly popular because it’s so cute! Then, attracted to Ohagi, more and more monsters like a giant wolf and slimes start gathering!? Since the livestream is such a big hit, Joji quits his job and starts a ranch inside the dungeon that formed in his yard. He lives a relaxed life raising the monsters on the ranch while livestreaming from there!

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  1. Action - Adventure - Fantasy (JP On-Going)

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Date Group Release
05/24/24 Story Seedling v1c20
05/22/24 Story Seedling v1c19
05/20/24 Story Seedling v1c18
05/17/24 Story Seedling v1c17
05/15/24 Story Seedling v1c16
05/13/24 Story Seedling v1c15
05/10/24 Story Seedling v1c14
05/08/24 Story Seedling v1c13
05/06/24 Story Seedling v1c12
05/03/24 Story Seedling v1c11
05/01/24 Story Seedling v1c10
04/29/24 Story Seedling v1c9
04/26/24 Story Seedling v1c8
04/24/24 Story Seedling v1c7
04/20/24 Story Seedling v1c5
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