Human Mold


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Mold… Spreads from the darkest part of the house.

As flecks of little grey spots, it spreads and expands quietly. Gradually, from a corner of the bathroom it grows slowly with patience during the scorching hot weather that turns people sweaty and irritable.

In the suffocating dampness, the mold appears much more terrifying. Murky corners bloom out grey and black mold spots all over, giving off a damp and musty smell. However much it’s cleaned or scrubbed out, it’s impossible to stop the Mold from forming a humanoid shape.

Xia Lan, an ordinary tenant living in a property costing way more than his budget, seems to be revered by the Mold. Will there be a way out of this farce? Perhaps.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
01/06/22 Salmon and Cookie c7 (end)
01/06/22 Salmon and Cookie c6
01/04/22 Salmon and Cookie c5
01/03/22 Salmon and Cookie c4
12/21/21 Salmon and Cookie c3
12/10/21 Salmon and Cookie c2
12/06/21 Salmon and Cookie c1
12/04/21 Salmon and Cookie prologue
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BobChan rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c7
It’s an okay thriller for a short story, just wished that there was more content. The suspense was built correctly and executed beautifully—however, it fell short in the end and felt incomplete.

If you want a good but short thriller, feel free to read. I don’t feel like it was a waste of time and enjoyed the 10 mins I spent reading it. The translator also does a wonderful job!


The supposed male lead is not the mold. The summary is a little misleading but they do attach themselves to the MC.

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LadyRoshi rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
An interesting short thriller shounen ai story, I feel like it would’ve been cool if it was a full-length novel though. I recommend you give it a try, it has a intriguing premise.
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1Sami rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: c7
It was an interesting story, not really what I was expecting from the synopsis. The MC isn't very smart and the story focuses more on the MLs background than the MC. I do agree with LadyRoshi, I think I would like it much more if it were a full length novel. As it is, it feels like the author just got bored of it almost.
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